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Diagnosing And Treating "John's" Phycological Problems Sociocultural, Behaviorist, And Neurobiological Approaches

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There are many ways to diagnose and treat our psychological problems.For John's problem a neurobiologist would pinpoint his problem to a biological source. For instance he could have a chemical imbalance, which would be causing the depression.Many of John's forgetfulness problems could be rooted to his subconscious thinking. As a Psychoanalyst you would look at his childhood and his current life and really focus on his close relationship with his mother. John could subconsciously be trying to forget things, like his date, so that he can stay at home with his mother.As a Behaviorist you would assume that John has had negative ...view middle of the document...

A Sociocultural Psychologist would look for things about John that would isolate him from culture he lives in. The Psychologist would look closely into the fact that he still lives with his mother and that he has a serious problem with forgetfulness.Dudzinski 2The first thing a Neurobiologist would do is find out precisely what kind of problem he has; whether it be with the nervous system or a chemical imbalance. The main way that patients are helped is with prescription medication. This medication would cure the physical problems that John is having.A Behaviorist would work a lot on teaching John new associations. For every event that John forgets he should be punished, but when he remembers and is on time he should be positively reinforced. As for his situation with his boss at work, John should be taught to associate being yelled at as a good thing, because his boss cares about him and the work he is doing.A Sociocultural Psychologist would mainly try to adjust his lifestyle at home. John needs to be taught that it isn't a normal thing in today's society to be living at home with your mom at the age of 40. You would also let him know that his forgetfulness is a serious problem and it needs to be fixed if he wants to function in today's world. The Psychiatrist would help him to blend in better with the culture by finding him an apartment and teaching him ways to organize his dates and obligations that he needs to attend (calendar, day planner, etc,)

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