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Diagnostic Essay

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Diagnostic Essay

In today’s College in America there is a debate rather institutions should use the grade scale or pass-fail scale to determine the success of a student. I believe that Institutions in America should use the grade scale rather than the pass-fail scale. A grade scale gives the student an accurate percentage no matter if they passed or fail but with the pass-fail scale it just gives you the letter grade rather than the actual percentage grade.

The grade scale method is important because it’s away that the students are able to see how they are doing in the course. Its important that students are able to see their actual percentage grade because that gives the students the opportunity to see how they are doing in their course and also it gives them the opportunity to see what exactly did they pass or fail and what areas they need to improve. Grades are better at telling students how they are doing in the course because in the case of the pass-fail scale all the students have to rely on is a letter grade that can possibly mean ten different percentage grades. When you have a student who receive a grade of 85 he/she understands that they have a B but more so they are able to see what they need to improve on in that area of the course to bring it up to an A compared to the pass-fail scale where the student is just receiving the letter grade of a B they will assume that whatever they are doing is good enough to get them by in the class when it could possibly mean that they can be declining in there grades because a B can either mean you are one point away from a C or one point away from an A. The grade scale method is important for the simple fact that student is able to see how they are doing in the course.

Another reason why the grade scales method is important because it can be use as a tool to motivate the students in their courses. The grade scale is important because it shows students where they are an it motivates them to want to get a higher score if their grades are low. The Grade scale is better at motivating students because all the pass-fail scale does is telling them the letter grade but with the grade scale they can see how far exactly they need to reach to improve their...

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