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Dialectic Journal Of The Poems "Beowulf", "Grendel", "Tyger", "The Snowman", And "Dreamers" Focusing Mainly On Literary Techniques.

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"Sea against sand; they stowed awayIn the hold of the ship their shining armor...Will the seamen that sailed her sighted the landShining cliffs and coastwise hills," (p14, ln 74-83)The use of consonance here repeats the sound of the wind. Beowulf and his men are going to go save the Danes. They must cross the sea and the wind acts very favorable and leads them to the way. The "s" sound imitates the sound of a swift and light wind, not a treacherous gust."Foam on her breast, like a bird she flew;" (p 14, ln79)This quote uses personification and smile. The author personifies the ship calling it a she. One refers to ships often as female, but it also gives the ship qualities of tender and nurture. The ship guides them the right way to the Danes just as a mother guides her baby to walk. A mother would not let anything bad happen to her child just as the ship will not bring danger to Beowulf.Comparing the ship to a bird giving the voyage a feeling of being swift and smooth like a bird glides in the air. This depicts the image of them getting there safely."Hail, King Hrothgar: Hygelac's thaneAnd kinsman am I. Known is the recordOf deeds of renown I have done in my youth...I pray thee therefore, prince of the Scyldings,Not to refuse the favor I ask,Having come so far, O friend of the Shield- Danes,That I alone with my loyal comrades,My hardy companions, may Heorot purge." (p85, ln90-115)"Beowulf" illustrates how Beowulf is a hero. A hero is the central admirable figure in the novel. He is admirable to the reader and the town's people. He is admirable because of the tasks he has done. He also offers to help them, and not only does he offer but also he carries out his task. He saves the town from the horrible beast. The reader admires Beowulf because they only know one side of the story, which is Beowulf's. The author spun the story to make Beowulf a hero."Now Grendel found, who in former daysSo many a warrior had wantonly slain,In brutish lust, abandoned of God,That the frame of his body was breaking at last...A huge split opened under his shoulder;Crunched the socket, cracked the sinews,Glory great was given to Beowulf." (p18, ln237-247)Beowulf is an epic. An epic celebrates a heroic tradition. It is traditional for the hero to defeat the great monster, in this case Grendel. The poem builds up anticipation by describing the battle in detail. By describing how no other man before could defeat Grendel makes Beowulf seem even more heroic. Beowulf defeated Grendel with his bare hands, as a strong and powerful hero should.Grendel"She whimpered one sound: Dool-dool! Dool-dool!, scratching at her bosom, a ghastly attempt to climb back up to speech." (p56)Diction here compares Grendel's high language and his mother's low language. Neither can understand each other. The sharp contrast in their language shows how alone Grendel is. He says his mother is the only one who actually sees him but she cannot even understand him. Even the people who speak at the same...

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869 words - 3 pages , and give an obscene little kick. The sky ignores me, forever unimpressed." (6) The word predictably in that passage gives the reader the impression that Grendel has made attempts in the past to speak to the sky, and each time is let down. "So it goes with me day by day and age by age, I tell myself. Locked in the deadly progression of moon and stars. I shake my head, muttering darkly on shaded paths, holding conversation with the only friend and

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1087 words - 4 pages evil actions. In the epic poem, Beowulf the authors portrays Grendel as a cold-hearted beast who thrives on the pain of others. Many have disagreed with such a simplistic and biased representation of Grendel and his role in the epic poem. John Gardner in his book, Grendel set out to change the reader’s perception of Grendel and his role in Beowulf by narrating the story through Grendel’s point of view. John Gardner transforms the perceived terrible

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1145 words - 5 pages Hrothgar, leader of the Danes, fears his visits: “The renowned ruler, the prince of long famous, sat empty of joy; strong in might, he suffered, sorrowed for his men when they saw the track of the hateful monster, the evil spirit.” Hrothgar would dread the fatal nights when Grendel would dine on human flesh. The ruler understands that Grendel attacks his men out of spite and jealousy (The Two Faces of Grendel, 1). In reading Grendel and Beowulf, one

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