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Dialectical Controversy Essay

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Dialectical ControversyStories have existed since the beginning of mankind. Going back as far as ancient Greece in history, or even further back, one can examine the many different types of stories that have been passed down. The Ancient Greeks wrote about gods and developed drama; the Romans passed down biographies of Caesars containing their life achievements as well as their failures; numerous stories questioning the institution of slavery were produced here in American. Usually by reading the work of an author one is able to find a message or a moral hidden beneath the storyline. In most cases, authors dictate their writings in their culture's dialect for many different reasons, many reasons of which that would not conclude them as being racist for using it.Black Dialect is used in many stories throughout American history. This dialect represents a time period of freedom. The representation of dialect writing was a "chain" it linked African American's to a conventional past that was contrived by others (Nicholls 277). The dialectal writings show no concern for racism. The American language is intended to absorb the racial and ethnical differences (Nicholls 279). Its intent is sought for the reader's attention not only by the storyline itself but by the dialect it uses to draw out the reader's imagination in the story.Also known as Black English, Black dialect, like many other dialects is drastically identified as a complete, "rule-governed", form of language. To those who use black dialect, there is a less sufficient understanding of the actual meaning. The black community may protest Black English because of the controversy it causes. Because of these effects, some concluded that black people suffered from "self hatred" due to domination. Racism and oppression may prolong to exist, but black antagonism in textbooks in Black English is not evidence of "self hatred" (Hoover 65). With this being stated throughout the studies of Black English, one cannot attain that Black English is flat out racist either.The use of dialect sets a distinguishing setting throughout a story. Without dialect the reader may be lost or confused about where the story may be taking place and what initially is going on at the time of the story. This is an advantage for dialect that helps the reader understand on a non-racist level, especially if the reader is not from the same culture as the writer or story teller. In her story, "When Brer Deer and Brer Terrapin Runned a Race," Emma Backus, says, "So he say, Brer Coon did, how Brer Deer and Brer Terrapin shall run a seven-mile race, and the one what get there first shall surely have the gal', 'cause he feel that sure in he mind, Brer Coon do, that Brer Deer nat'rally bound to outrun old Brer Terrapin" (Lauter, Alberti, and Brady 37). This clearly sets a setting for the story and makes the reader clearly understand that this story is from long ago and is not in present time. The dialect used only portrays how the story...

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