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Dialectical Journal Chapters 19 25 Essay

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Dialectical Journal Chapters 19-25
1. Expunge- To strike or blot out; to erase or destroy.

2. Iota- A very small quantity; jot.

3. Unmitigated- Not lessened; unqualified or absolute.
4. Cynical- Distrusting the motives of others.

5. Brevity- Shortness of time or duration; briefness. Vocabulary
1. My teacher told us that we weren’t allowed to expunge anything we had already written on our test.
2. The iota of depth in the book made it a hard plot to follow.
3. Henry shouted with unmitigated happiness when his name was called in the raffle.
4. At that moment I couldn’t feel any more cynical about the way my friend was acting out.
5. When my mom got mad, her brevity was ...view middle of the document...

But more importantly, he is also starting to create change in the community.
Interpreting/Asking a Question
1. “Tom Robinson was probably the only person who was ever decent to her. But she said he took advantage of her, and when she stood up she looked at him as if he were dirt beneath her feet.” (Lee 257)
2. “’ She says you asked her to bust up a chiffarobe, is that right?’ ‘No suh, it ain’t.’ ‘Then you say she’s lying, boy?’” (Lee 264)
3. “’He’ll go to the chair,’ said Atticus, ‘unless the Governor commutes his sentence. Not time to worry yet, Scout. We’ve got a good chance.’” (Lee 293) Interpreting/Asking a Question
1. If Tom Robinson was the only person that was ever nice to Mayella, then why did she blame him for raping her? Mayella clearly did not have the nicest life, and as she implies earlier in the book, she is the only one in her household that takes responsibility for the family. Her father clearly does not take charge as is necessary to being a father, but keeps himself completely out of the situation as much as he can. He frequently leaves home to go out and drink, and when he’s home he is only an obstacle that Mayella and the rest of the children need to avoid. So while Mayella was forced to try and become a mother figure to all of her siblings, Tom Robinson was the only one who helped her with all of her ‘duties’ and was ever respectful to her. Being that the Ewells lived almost in part of the black community, Mayella also had little contact with other people around her age, and had little friends, as she seems to point out on page 245. Tom was the only one she could find close to her age who was respectable enough to always help her, so according to Tom she hugged him and kissed him when he went in to help her that day. But, this is not an act that a white girl would do, or truly could do at this time. So she and her father came to an agreement that they would blame Tom Robinson for rape, not her father for beating her. I presume that Mr. Ewell had threatened Mayella to make sure she said nothing of what had truly happened. Even though Tom was the only one Mayella ever seemed to like in her life, she was forced to lie and eventually get him killed.
2. If Tom really can’t object or goes against anything that Mayella says, then what is the point in trying to have a fair trial? In everyday life during that time period it was wrong for a black person to oppose what any white was saying, and also many other rules putting whites above blacks. But, it is expected in the courtroom for everyone to be allowed to speak the truth and have a fair trial; disregarding ones race or gender. But in this situation, Mr. Gilmer is continuing to enforce this rule, not letting Tom Robinson speak what he saw. By doing this he is not letting Tom have a fair trial, because he is ultimately not allowed to tell the truth because it will ‘offend’ Mayella and is considered wrong. It is later made clear that Mr. Gilmer is very racist, so there is...

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