Dialogue Essay: The Mirror

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Protect the Innocent
om! Are we going? Yes, Stephanie we’re going.
Why must you do this each Saturday? Maybe I’m hoping we won’t go each Saturday.
Step, do you know why I take you to garage sales every Saturday? No mom but please do tell! You’re fifteen now and I only have you for three more years and with your curiosity, less than that.
We both chuckled.
I just want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can. So don’t look at this as torture or cruel and unusual punishment but as a chance to bond with my only daughter. Okay?
Yes ma’am. I understand mom, so maybe I have a chance to get a mirror this time?
Absolutely not, we’ve had this conversation a million times already. Mirrors are for conceited individuals that have nothing better to do than to admire and praise themselves all day.
But mom it’s so weird we don’t own a single mirror and I never know how I look for school until I get there.
Are there mirrors at school?
Yes, but those mirrors are always so dirty you can’t see a thing!
My sweet and innocent child I only do things that you don’t understand for your protection Protection from what? A mirror, really mom gosh!
Let’s go Step I want to beat the crowd. We’re going to a new house today, about twenty miles out.
Twenty miles? It’s bad enough traveling ten minutes to one.
Well sweetie when I ask you for your opinion I will let you know in advanced, now off we go.

ow, mom that’s a big house, looks creepy though.
I don’t even see any goods outside.
Hey look mom there’s a note, read it.
Due to the rain the garage sale has been moved indoors…the code is 78145666 come in and View our merchandise. We’re expecting you!
I guess we can go in and take a look around.
Are you nuts did you read the note, it said: “due to the rain,” what rain?
Maybe they saw the forecast for today.
Yeah and maybe I did too and I didn’t hear anything about a slight chance of anything.
Tip, tap, tap, tap and suddenly a flood of rain came pouring in on the roof of the car.
Well Step look at it this way he or she may have watched the updated forecast.
Mom, let us just go so we can get back home.
The house although creepy and big had a very warm feeling to it like a part of me had been here before in another life.
Just as I suspected antiques I wonder how much they cost.
Step don’t stray away too far.
Mother, I won’t! This is the first garage sale I’ve been to that has such great things.
As I went to each table scrambling through what seemed to be such valuable items. I stumbled upon an antique hand mirror.
Admiring its beautiful designs that sparkled so bright. I wanted it but I knew my mom would never let me have it.
“Do you like what you see,” said a strange but yet sweet toned woman.
I looked around to see an old woman skinny, fair skinned with fine wrinkles.
“Why yes I do,” I said, but my mother would never let me have one.
“Why is that sweet Stephanie?”
Because I’m not allowed to have mirrors and how...

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