Dialogue Essay: Wings

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“Yo man, what’s up.” The boy lifted his head up to see that the red hair was shadowing him from the blazing sunlight. Unconsciously, his serious face broke a smile and he quickly stands up with help from the other boy. And without any words in between, they did the special handshake that only him and the other one knew, and burst into a laugh at the end as part of their secret best-friend handshake. Both of them ended up lying down side by side on the vast green lawn while looking at the moving clouds and trying to figure what shapes the clouds are.

“Nothing really. Just chillin, trying to get some inspiration.”

“Is it about the contest again?” The red hair asked while moving his fingers according the outline of the cloud right on top of him. “Man, I’m totally sure you’re gonna kill the other peeps. I mean, not literally of course, but hey your skill are way too awesome for them to handle.”

The Brunette just laughed at his friend’s remarks. It’s undeniably true that he has the skills and experiences, but this is the international art contest. The best among the best artist from all over Asia will be there in Tokyo, and well, as confident as he is, he’s still concerned about the competition.

“You know something, probably you can follow me to Japan and help me. I mean, since you speak better Japanese than me.” He turned himself to face the boy who apparently squinted his small pair of eyes, making it smaller if that is even possible.

“Nah, you’ll be fine. You do know that I can’t leave my family here. Hell knows what the old brat would do to mom and Jieun if I’m not there. Plus, I thought Boohyun hyung are going with you?

A loud sigh escaped Woohyun’s pink lips. His brother definitely spoke Japanese better than both of them combined, but somehow, knowing his best friend of 15 years will not be there just made things different for him. It is as if he would lose his courage, his imagination, his wings without him.

“You know what I mean. You’ve always been there for me, even when my family opposed me. You...

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