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Dialogue: The Middle Essay

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Elizabeth called Tara around dinner time and permitted her to listen into the meeting with Doctor ______. The doctor stated that Tom’s Glascow Coma Scale registered an eight and explained that patients with that rating had a sixty-eight percent chance of suffering a moderate disability. To make matters worse, the doctor warned that patients who suffer severe head injuries in their forties have more difficulty recovering than a younger patient. There was also a small possibility Tom would not recover.
Stewart asked what they could do to increase Tom’s Glasgow number. Elin wanted to know how long it took for patients in Tom’s condition to emerge from the coma. The doctor could not provide a time frame, but suggested they continue massaging his muscles and speaking to him.
The soft weeping sound echoing through the earpiece made it difficult for Tara to hear the full conversation. She wished Elizabeth would have settled the phone in the middle of the table closer to the doctor, but guessed that no one knew Tara was listening in. Elizabeth did not introduce Tara, nor did the doctor acknowledge her. At the conclusion of the meeting, the call ended without warning.
Later that day Elizabeth called back asking Tara’s thoughts on the meeting.
“Tom takes good care of himself. I feel he’s strong enough to beat this injury.” Tara told her.
“Beating it is half the battle. I’m afraid of the lasting effects.”
Tara plopped herself down on the sofa. She’d spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment and looked forward to an hour of quiet before work. The last thing she wanted was to engage Elizabeth in a long conversation. She appreciated that Elizabeth kept her in the loop, but had no desire to befriend the woman. “Since we can’t read the future, we need to remain in the present. Let’s get him conscious and then worry about the rest,” she told her. “How are you feeling?”
She sighed. “I’m a little achy today. Yesterday was long and aggravating.”
“Why don’t you go home?”
“I thought about it,” Elizabeth admitted. “Elin would be angry. She moved a leather lounge chair into Tom’s room for me to rest in.”
“I think I’m lucky he partnered me with Mary Lou. She’s much easier to deal with.” I guess a fake mother would treat her fake daughter-in-law well. She thought. “Speaking of Mary Lou, was she present at...

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