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Dialogue Type Essay: 119

1044 words - 5 pages

We were young, maybe we still are but the time passed by so fast that the big things became unknown. Laughing, smiling- it slowly fades because everything got so serious. Why? No one knows it’s a change that sticks with us until the end. It’s supposed to make us successful and be filling with happiness but I don’t even remember the last time I was happy. Months ago maybe but it felt like years. Harold’s gone. We don’t know where he is- dead or alive. Who would’ve killed him? Me, exactly what everyone thinks. Why? I was last seen with him-it was true. We were, not in the good way even. Harry and I fought, nonsense not like the usually. He got really angry after and storm out of my flat. Nobody knew where he was going, not even me.
I heard the bell ring outside my flat, Harry has asks me if he could come over. I knew something strange was going to happen because he never asks to come over anyways. Usually just get him here without telling me. The bell rang again this time adding a knock with it. He was becoming impatient, I slowly open the door to be greeted by the curly boy who looked just like me but has way more tattoos peeking out that t-shirt he’s wearing. This was the first time I actually saw my brother in a very long time to realize the features on his face, tire. His usual smile has disappear, there were dark circles forming under his eyes.
Fame has affected his life, maybe not just that. The ones around him as well, when I use to live with mum and Rob the fans were so crazy that they had found out where we lived and kept bothering our neighbours. We didn’t want that to happen and thought it was better to move, two years later I decided to move out to fulfill my own dreams. Arts-whether it was writing, playing instruments, just expressing myself is the dream I want. Our dreams were pretty similar, we wanted to be able to express ourselves by doing the things we love. I’ve been enjoying my life the past years but it got quite lonely knowing your best friend- who is also your younger twin brother is half way across the world getting mobbed by fans but can still put a smile on his face because this was just the side to his job.
I couldn’t help but compare him to himself. On the telly Harry always seems to be happy anywhere he goes so seeing him looking like a wreck, the light that always sparkle gone made me wonder if he was actually destroyed. I smiled at him leaning in to give him a hug but he pushed me back with his hands and walked in the flat. Well then, “Haven’t seen you in a long time lil bro, how have you been?” I really...

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