Diana, Princess Of Wales: The People’s Princess

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Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, England. Diana was the youngest daughter of John Spencer and Frances Spencer, the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp. Her father John Spencer later gained the title of the 8th Earl Spencer. Diana was the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp’s fourth child born. She had two older sisters Sarah (born 1955) and Jane (born 1957). Frances Spencer had also giving birth to a son named John a year before Diana had been born, however he had died within hours of his birth. When the Spencer family discovered Frances was pregnant again with Diana, they had wished for another boy as to carry on the Spencer family name. After Diana, the Spencer’s finally received a son in 1964, which they named Charles.
When Diana was eight years old her parents divorced each other. The reason for the divorce laid behind the fact the Diana’s mother Frances had cheated on her father with Peter Shand Kydd. After the divorce, Diana moved to London with her mother. However, shortly afterwards her father won custody over Diana and her siblings with the help of his mother-in-law and they returned back home to London.
During Diana’s younger years she attended a local public school. Then in 1968, Diana was sent to Riddlesworth Hall School, an all-girls boarding school. While at Riddlesworth, Diana did not do very well in her academics and was moved to West Heath Girls’ School in Sevenoaks, Kent. While here she was considered a poor student. Part of the reason for being regarded this way was Diana had attempted and failed her O-Levels twice. The O-Levels is an academic qualification that examination boards in the United Kingdom use. Even though Diana’s academics were not that great, she showed a talent for music as a pianist. After West Heath, Diana attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland in 1977.
At the age of seventeen Diana began her first job as a nanny for a family friend. In 1978 Diana moved to Scotland to be with her mother. On her eighteenth birthday she received an apartment bought for $163,560. The apartment was located at Coleherne Court in Earls Court. She remained at the apartment with three flat mates until 1981. After living in Coleherne Court Diana moved to London. While in London, she worked as a dance instructor for youth. However, a skiing accident caused Diana not to be able to return to work for three months. Afterwards Diana found a job as a pre-school assistant. Some other jobs she held while staying in London included, working as a nanny for an American family, held cleaning jobs, and became a hostess at parties.
Diana first met her future husband around 1977. At the time Prince Charles was in a relationship with Diana’s older sister Sarah. Prince Charles began to take a serious interest in Diana during the summer of 1980. They were both staying at a country weekend. While there Diana watched Prince Charles play polo. Over their stay...

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