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People always ask me who my favorite designer is. I always find it to be a pretty impossible question. How can you choose between someone like Alexander McQueen and Channel, or what about the clothes I wear every day? I do not even know who designs most of those. I feel like there are too many designers with vastly different ascetics, yet, they are still so breathtakingly impeccable. So now, I choose Diana Vreeland. Although she did not design clothing, nearly her whole life was spent creating beauty and interest with a taste level that hit the sky. She also launched careers of countless people many still follow today and she created trend after trend with her worldly eccentric eye and not to mention an sensational appetite for originality and beauty.

Right from the beginning, she began her journey to becoming “Diana Vreeland”. She was born in Paris right in the hart of fun and excitement. She stated in “The Eye Has To Travel”, a documentary made to tell her story that she grew up in a sort of “theatrical ambiance”. Starting at a young age, the visual hunger for high glamor, elegance and creativity began. When her younger sister and her were sent London for the coronation of George V in the jeweled elephants and horses in bulk left an impression as it would for anyone.

As a young child, she had it rough. Her mother raised her as her ugly duckling which I find very strange. I can not imagine being told I was ugly by my own mother and can not even fathom that leading to a life of beauty and in fashion none the less. When her family settled in New York, Diana was about ten years old and was enrolled in Brearly school where she did not last long. Not being able to speak English made it a very lonely and difficult place. After only three months, she moved to a Russian school where she was finally happy.

In school she had the epiphany that is she was going to make it then she would need to stand out. She was set on making herself the most famous girl in the world. During the roaring twenties, she began this quest in New York just dancing. This was also where she met her husband, Reed Vreeland. They married just a year after meeting and the love made her finally feel beautiful. She admits to always being a bit nervous around him and although their marriage hit bumpy patches, she had a true love for him and he of her it seems. It would have taken a truly special man to 'put up' with Diana.

In 1982 Diana, a married mother of two, moved her family to London. She just soaked up the city; the freedom, the atmosphere, the fashion. She took notice of Coco Channel and learned how to know women, how to put them into her mind and relate. At the same time she was opening a lingerie shop where she had clients as famous as Walla Simpson. This woman and her taste, even in lingerie, brought down the thrown.

During all of this and the War just about to break she lived in up state New York. You would think that such a charismatic woman would...

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