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Diary Entries By A Bilingual Person, Good Sides And Bad Sides

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Dear Diary,21.4We got our Finnish tests back today. I got a 2!! It's so annoying, it doesn't matter how hard I try I never get anywhere with my Finnish. It's mum's fault, why did they have to make me bilingual?? I'd rather know one language thoroughly than speak two languages so that I can't call either of them my mother tongue.Dear Diary,28.4Granny Julie just phoned! She wants me to go over to her house in the summer. That's great! I haven't been to Chester for ages, I'll see George and Isabel again... My friends will be so jealous, no-one's going abroad on holiday. I guess it's not such a bad thing being bilingual; at least I get to go abroad.My teacher said I'm really going to have to work on my Finnish to get better grades. It's unfair, all my other grades are really good... It's embarrassing that my so-called mother tongue is pulling my grade average down so much! And it's absolutely no consolation that I get to skip English lessons.Dear Diary,12.5Mum and dad had a fight today. I don't understand why they always have to pull me in the middle of it! Dad would like to move back to England, mum would like to stay here. I know they just want what's best for me, but that would be to shut up and not bring this up every two weeks! Dad's been in a foreign country for five years now, I know he'd like to go back at least for a while. Mum has all her friends, job and everything here, so it's me they fight about. They think they know what's best for me - mum thinks I'm happy here and all my friends are here and I want to finish my school. Dad thinks that I'd be happier there...

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