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Diary Entry For A Shakespearian Actor Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet

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12th July I got up at 7.30 this morning, which is earlier than I usually do. Last nights play finished early because of an accidental fire and I got to go to bed early. It was a nice day to perform a play. The sun was out but there was a nice layer of clouds to just cool the air. It was a Friday today and I had been doing plays every day of this week. I hardly have anytime to go over and practice the plays because I have to perform so many. It is a bit easier than people may think because we are all typecasted at the beginning of our careers. This means that we are given for example the role of a King and we will play that role or some role like it through the whole of our careers. I'm not one of the main parts of the play so I never get to rehearse the play. It's only the actors with the main parts that get to do a small rehearsal with the other main parts. WE have to learn the lines on our own in a very short space of time. My scripts consist of my full text and then a couple of small lines after my speeches, which are called cues, and when I hear this cue I do my speech. In my play at the moment there are instructors who help the lesser people like me with their lines. These men and women are professional actors and are very helpful because we have no rehearsal of the play at all. The instructors didn't teach us how to interact with other characters or how to do the story of the play. My aim was to perform my part with the adequate amount of passion and humour and express them in action and pronunciation. In our play there were clear vocal differences in the way verse and prose is spoken. In our play it is very clear when an actor hops from verse to prose or visa-versa because Shakespeare's play required this to come to...

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