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Diary Of An Irish Knight In The Middle Ages

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The journal of Daniel Coughlan of Ireland in year 1187 Tuesday, February 18 In the year of our Lord, 1187 Today it has been fifteen years since my birth date, I am now a squire, and am about halfway through the process of becoming a knight. I think being a squire will be much harder than being a page. As a page all I had to do was be a general servant and learn how to read and write. Now, as a squire, I will be an assistant to a knight and learn how to battle. I will get to battle in the tilting yard with other squires. My father hopes that I will get good enough so I can help out in a battle and become a "knight of the sword". He explained to me that a "knight of the sword" is a squire who does so well in a battle that he is immediately made a knight. I think that sounds like a good goal but it also puts a lot more pressure on me when I'm in practice battles. Earlier today I met the knight that I will be an assistant to while I'm a squire. His name is Sir Shaun O'Donnel. He is supposed to be a very good and experienced knight from what my father has told me. I am excited to begin working with him. Today when I met him he was very polite. He seems like a good man who will take me far both in life and as a knight. Tomorrow I begin training with him and the other squires.Tuesday, February 25 In the year of our Lord, 1193 It is the week after my twenty-first birthday and I am an official knight. I regret not taking the chance to become a knight sooner but I believe the extra training will help me when in battle. At seventeen years old, while I was still a squire my father had me marry a beautiful woman named, Megan. She is completely wonderful and is everything I could have hoped for in a wife. Together we now have two wonderful children named, Kelly, after Megan's mother, and Patrick, after my father.So far life in the kingdom has been pretty calm. Life at home is relaxing, but I am getting anxious to be able to participate in a battle. Its not that I want to fight, but it would be nice to have some excitement around here. My father is growing old and very much wants me to be rewarded for doing something great before he dies. Hopefully something will happen somewhere very soon… Thursday, November 4 In the year or our Lord, 1196 I just got word that the battle is now over. I can't believe I was only in it three days then wounded. The doctor says that I should be bed ridden for the next two weeks and after that I should talk to the king about getting permission to not go into battle anymore. My wife and children are glad to have me home but they all fear for my life. I am not afraid. I know god will do what is right and whichever way his decision will take me I am ready for it. Just before I left home for the battle, Megan had our third child. He is a healthy boy named Shaun and he is also the second son in the family who is destined to become a knight. Although his birth was very joyful, the death of my father on the very same day was...

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