Dick Bruna And Dan Goodsell And How They Relate To Postmodernism

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Postmodernism, also known as Pomo1, Po-Mo2, or PoMo3, is a difficult word to define because it appears in a wide variety of areas of study. These include art, architecture, music film, literature, sociology, communications and many more. It is also difficult to determine exactly when postmodernism came about but it would be safe to say it came around the same time as the First World War.Possibly the easiest way to start to define postmodernism is to look at modernism, the movement that postmodernism seems to have grown out of. Modernism is a movement that occurred in visual arts, music, literature and drama. It rejected the old Victorian standards of how art should be made and what it should mean. During ‘high modernism,’ which occurred from 1910 to 19304, major figures in literature like Woolf, Joyce, Eliot and Stevens drastically redefined what poetry and fiction could be and do.The main characteristics of modernism51. Placing an emphasis and subjectivity in visual arts and in writing. An emphasis was also placed on how seeing takes place rather than what is perceived.2. A blurring of distinctions between topics.3. An emphasis on fragmented forms and seemingly random collages of different materials4. A trend towards the self consciousness about the production of the work of art. In this way, each piece demands attention to itself as a production, as something made and consumed in a particular way.5. A rejection of complicated formal aesthetics for minimalist designs, as well as the rejection of formal aesthetic theories in favor for spontaneous creations6. The distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art forms was also rejected, both in choice of materials used to produce art and in the ways of displaying, distributing and the consuming of art.Similar to modernism, postmodernism follows many of these ideas by rejecting boundaries between high and low art forms of art and rigid genre distinctions and by emphasizing irony, playfulness, satire and distortion. Postmodern art is self-conscious, fragmented and discontinuous, with an emphasis on the deconstructed and dehumanized subject.Now, postmodernism seems to be exactly like modernism, but what sets it apart from modernism is its attitude towards a lot of these characteristics. Modernists believed that things could only be improved, life could only be made better as a result of progress, and people were continuously developing into physically and morally better beings. They try to uphold the idea that art can provide unity, understanding and meaning that has been lost in modern life and will do what human institutions fail to do. Postmodernism on the other hand, doesn’t mourn the idea of fragmentation or misunderstanding; it celebrates it.Post modernism also reacts against earlier modernist principles by reintroducing traditional or classical elements of style or by carrying modernist styles or practices to extremes. Like the modernists, they sought to dissolve the...

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