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Dick Cheney Essay

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Dick Cheney

On July 25, 2000 George W. Bush, nominee for President of the United States announced his Vice Presidential running mate, Dick Cheney. But who is Dick Cheney. What does he stand for and what qualifies him to be the next Vice President of the United States. That is what I intend to prove in this report.
To truly understand a man, you must know where he comes from. Dick Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 30, 1941, but grew up in Casper, Wyoming. He attended high school, graduated, and attended Yale University for his college education. He dropped out of Yale in his sophomore year and ended up earning a BA and MA in Political Science from Wyoming University.
In 1964 Dick Cheney married his high school sweetheart, and love of his life, Lynne Ann Vincent Cheney. Together they had two children Elizabeth, and Mary.
Cheney's career in public service began in 1969 when he decided to join the Nixon Administration. From there he moved to the Ford Administration where he became the Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff.
When the Ford Administration ended in 1977, Cheney returned home to Wyoming. Upon his return he was elected to serve as the State's only representative in Congress. He was reelected to the House of Repesenatives for five consecutive two-year terms. From 1981-1987 he was elected to serve as Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. In 1987, he was elected House Minority Whip. During the time he served in the House, Secretary Cheney earned a reputation as a man of knowledge, character and accessibility.
Mr. Cheney served his most critical role under George W. Bush SR. Secretary of Defense from March 1989 to January 1993. Dick Cheney brought our country through two of the largest military campaigns in recent history-Operation Just Cause in Panama, and Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East. By accepting these roles, he shaped the future of the post-Cold War U.S. military. For outstanding leadership in the Persian Gulf War, Secretary Dick Cheney was awarded the highest civilian decoration, the Presidential Metal of Freedom by the then-President, George W. Bush SR. on July 3, 1991.
His time served in the House and under the different Presidents has shaped his opinions. He stands fully behind G.W. Bush Jr. on all issues involved in this campaign. These issues include: education, taxes, social security, defense, Medicare, foreign policy, government reform, drug policy, guns, and after-school enrichment. Here is where Bush and Cheney stand on these issues.
Education. Secretary Cheney supports reform of the nations public school using a program similar to the one used in Texas, one of the two states that have recently made the greatest improvements in public education. He plans to do this by closing the achievement gap, set higher standards for students, promote character education, and an issue on most parents mind, ensure school safety. He...

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