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Dictatorship Or Democracy In Pakistan? Essay

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“Dictatorship or democracy?” it is a popular question, or rather a debate going all around this country especially in media talks. These two are the form of government, and both of them have ruled Pakistan separately. Most of the people in Pakistan consider democracy the best form of the regime, but few believe the other way round. They intend that way because dictatorship has been the most successful type of government until now, but the disadvantage of this type of government is that it gives one person too much power, so that he has no motivation to do what is right for the country. Even though illiterate and corrupt politicians have ruled Pakistan in democracy, nevertheless, we should ...view middle of the document...

People will themselves select their Leader and it’s the responsibility of the Leader to fulfill the needs of the people and work day and night for this Motherland.” He also achieved this country democratically and was a well-wisher of democracy.

“In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and will of the majority is supreme” Aristotle.

This means that the representatives of the poor and common man will come into power in a democracy, and they will be answerable to these people. Thus, the elected members will work for the welfare and betterment of the poor masses of the country. This also increases the importance of a common person and makes him the important part of the society. This is the reason that democracy is praised by many and is a form of government in more than 165 countries. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. This is what the great statesman, Abraham Lincoln, said about democracy. Moreover, democracy ensures equality and accountability among every single individual, whether he is a common person, a landlord, or even a prime minister. The previously elected government of PPP proved this right when their both prime ministers appeared in front of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, nowadays, a former dictator is hesitating to appear in front of the court, and he is continually making excuses to prevent himself from accountability.

The major problem with a dictatorship is that it gives one too much power that he stops thinking about the betterment of the nation and starts taking decisions, which helps him to prolong his tenure and fulfill his dreams and desires. When Gen. Zia UL Haq imposed martial law, he promised to hold new and neutral parliamentary elections within the next 90 days and to hand over power to the civilian representatives of the nation, but he never fulfilled his promise and his regime proved to be the longest in the history of Pakistan. Similarly, when Pervez Musharaf overthrew the elected government, he was ordered by the court to restore democracy in the next three years but that never happened. “Because dictators have absolute power, they often find themselves completely unable to forgo using their own power to enrich themselves and their supporters at the expense of their subjects. See: the disgustingly sybaritic buildings of the Catholic Church at a time when folks did not even have closed sewers (even the Indus Valley civilization that came thousands of years before that had that!) or the special Communist Party shops or the opulent palaces of the Tsarist government that they used as a hypocritical justification for overthrowing. What makes this especially ironic is that even though dictatorships benefit in the short term by looting their subjects and hoarding the wealth, in the long term they'd be even richer by letting a portion of that capital escape to their subjects.” This excerpt from rational wiki pretty much explains the...

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