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Did Canada Play A Signifcant Role In World War 2

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Name: Ahmed Mehboob Teacher: Mr. MelvilleWorld War II began on September 1st, 1939 as German troops, under the command of Adolf Hitler, poured into Poland without a declaration of war. On September 10th, 1939, Canada declared war on Germany, shortly after Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declared war. Over the course of World War II Canada played a very significant role, for instance, Canada supported the war time efforts in Europe, established camps all over Canada in order to train Allied soldiers and fought many significant battles such as the battle of Dieppe Atlantic and Normandy.As the Second World War raged over seas, Canada did its part to support the war effort. Canadian government issued victory bonds which helped raise $8.8 billion to help finance the war over seas. Also, during the War Canada became one of the leading auto manufactures in the world. Canada built all types of war materials, mostly military vehicles, of which Canada became the second largest producer during the Second World War. Canadian manufactures produced about 800, 000 trucks, during the war, and it exceeded the combined total truck production of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Moreover, Ford (American company) and General Motors of Canada gathered some of their best engineers and designed a very famous Military vehicle called Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck which was used through out the British Commonwealth during the war. Approximately half of the British Army's requirements were supplied from Canadian Manufactures. The official history of Britain referred to these vehicles as Canada's most important contribution to allied victory. In addition, Canada produced its own tanks, for instance Ram. Many of these tanks were used for training and the first 'Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment' used Rams as armoured personnel carriers in the North Western Europe. Approximately, 16, 000 aircraft, which include Lancaster and Mosquito bombers, were built in Canada. Furthermore, Canada launched naval ships, such as destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and merchant vessels. During the war Canada's greatest contribution was made by metal industries of Canada, for example ninety percent of Allied nickel and half of the Allied aluminum was supplied by Canadian sources.Another important role that Canada played during the World War II was British Commonwealth Training Program, also known as BCATP. It's said that it was one of the most important and successful Canadian involvement in the war effort. The BCATP was under the control of the Royal Canadian Air Force and was designed to train pilots, navigators, and other air personnel. Training bases could be found all over Canada and were used to successfully produce 50, 000 pilots, 25,000 navigators, and 57, 000 other air crew members. Out of the 132, 000 trained, 55 percent or 72, 600 graduates were Canadians. Thanks to Canada's involvements with BCATP Allies were able to win many battles such as Battle of Britain, which was...

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