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Did Charlemagne Deserve The Title "Great"?

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A “great” ruler is a different concept for different people. It can include great skill in battle, or great administration strategy. Explains “Great as:1.Powerful; influential: one of the great nations of the West.2.Eminent; distinguished: a great leader.3.Grand; aristocratic.Charlemagne was a ruler who ruled over the Frankish Empire in the middle-dark ages. Many historians regard him as great, for he did many things for the Christian Religion. We do not specifically know when Charlemagne was called great.Charlemagne was an accomplished conqueror and good with bribes. “In one sense, Charlemagne did more than just ‘restore’ the empire. He added to it which Roman arms never reached” (64, The Times: Illustrated History of Medieval Europe, Felipe Fernandez-Armando). From this source, we can tell that Charlemagne was an accomplished conqueror, which could be considered as great. Charlemagne conquered many new lands, and he took over Saxony, a huge piece of land, with tough, strong people. This would make Charlemagne’s court admire him, for the far-reaches of his empire would bring them riches and wealth. He could then use this new-found wealth to shower the Catholic Church with money and riches. Einhard wrote: “He provided [it] with a great number of vessels of gold and silver”. It seems (for we do not know for certain when this title was given) as though the title “great” was given by the Catholic Church for they admired Charlemagne as he had helped defend and spread Christianity. This would lead the Catholic Church to think that he was great.Charlemagne tried to revive the old Roman ways of Law, standardization, learning and hygiene. Charlemagne was also the creator of the “Carolingian Renaissance”. He revitalised learning in the courts, took interest in books and made sure that all the books of earlier generations were kept for the future. This would give the scholars a reason to call Charlemagne “great”, for he...

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