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Did Computers Really Change The World?

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Observing the world today it seems completely dependent on computers. This assertion is made based on the fact that there are computers in every country and by the definition of computers (Patil 3), which by the Merriam Webster Dictionary says that computers are “programmable machines that can store, retrieve, and process data.” In every corner of the earth there are people using computers. Not just that, but programs like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are sending computers into space. The furthest computer from earth, or probe called Voyager one, has entered in interstellar space, which is the space not occupied by stars, planetary systems, or to our knowledge know human life (Wall 2). Just for physical reference that is about twelve billion miles away from the earth (Medina, Sedlacko 1). Since computers are in every corner of the earth and now further into Space the question is have computers really changed the world or are they just abundant because of popularity?
Computers have not always been the same as they are now; computers used to take up whole rooms. Right now these simple computers are such as handheld smartphones, cooking microwaves, personal laptops, gaming systems, and a myriad more. One of the simplest and first computers ever created is a calculator. Further advanced computers are being developed everyday such as supercomputers that complete trillions of operations at one instance or bio-computers that can be programmed in living cells to do certain commands (Than 1). If these bio-computers were advanced even more they could have an even larger impact on saving lives.
The use of computers has saved a multitude of lives through healthcare. Doctors can run computerized test to gather information that will help cure or prevent lethal diseases. Pharmacist and drug manufactures use computers for compounding, which is the mixing and altering drugs for a patients needs. If pharmacist and drug manufactures could not do this than millions of people would die for many different reasons. Another instance where computers would play a huge role in pharmacology is its distribution of medicines (Patil 5). The next major life saving computer is the automated external defibrillator (AED), which according to the American Heart Association AEDs increases the survival rate from five percent to seventy percent in 450,000 Americans that die each year from sudden cardiac arrest. Without computers some of the vaccines that have saved millions of lives would have never been discovered must less distributed to that many people.
Not only have computers saved a multitude of lives through healthcare, but computers have also saved lives by providing protection and securities. According to Pratik Buttepatil in Technological Advancements and Its Impact on Humanity computers have affected wars. Whether it is manufacturing weapons for self-defense, training soldiers, or using drones to eliminate targets,(Comma Rule??) computers have...

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