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Did He Do It? Essay

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Did He Do It ?

"You never know someone until you've seen them behind closed doors". Orenthal O.J. Simpson lived a rough life growing but, instead of that taking over his life he decided to make a change by becoming a football hall of fame, actress/tv star and later being turned to a serial killer. Was the killing done out of love or spight? Or did he even do it?

O.J. Simpson was born July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California. He is the son of Eunice Simpson and Jimmy Lee Simpson. He is also the brother of three other siblings. O.J. was raised in the Potrero Hill Housing projects for low income families. When O.J. was just a toddler his father left his mother to raise four ...view middle of the document...

J. had been getting into, the neighborhood youth leader asked the San Francisco Giants center Fielder, Willie Mays, to spend the afternoon with Simpson to give him an insight on what life could actually be like without the extras. Simpson stated that "The day with Mays made me realize that my dream was possible. Willie wasn't a superhuman. He was an ordinary person, so I knew there was a chance for me" (UXL Biographies, 2011). Not only did he change his demeanor but also it changed him altogether to become a better man and realize that his dream is possible.

Simpson and Cowlings joined the football team in high school and were both named to the all-city team. He led the team in scoring his senior year in high school. Being great on the field Simpson thought he had a greater chance at being recruited into a college but, his field ability didn't match the academic standards of being accepted into college. Simpson planned on to join the U.S. Army, but when a friend came back from Vietnam with a leg missing. He then changed his mind instead, he and Cowlings enrolled in City College of San Francisco (UXL Biographies, 2011). Seeing his friend come back with a leg missing opened his eyes that with a little more effort he could create a better future for himself.

His Freshmen year of City College, he averaged 10 yards when he received the ball. By Sophomore year, he was given recognition by 50 colleges. in the Spring of 1967, he enrolled at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as a Junior and soon became college football's leading rusher. His Senior year, he ended with carrying the ball thirty-five times and gained an average of 171 yards per game. By the time he left USC, he set thirteen college football records. By 1968. Simpson won the Heisman Trophy (American Decades, December 16, 1998). This is the start of his new beginning. Simpson was married to his high school love Marguerite Whitley, whom he has three children with..

Simpson joined the Buffalo Bills in 1969 along with Cowlings. By 1973, Simpson had made a record with twenty-three touchdowns in a season, he had also gained 250 rushing yards in a single game, and broke the rushing yard record with 2,003. In March 1978, the Buffalo Bills traded Simpson to the San Francisco 49ers (UXL Biographies 2011). During their tenth game, Simpson was injured in his shoulder originally but, while in the hospital he asked the doctors if they could check his knee due to previous pain he had been going through. The doctors found several issues in his knee. Simpson came to the resolution of retiring from football making him the highest paid football player in the NFL at that time with a salary of about $800,000. Simpson wanted to make a name for himself so he began to explore in the movie business. He starred in the movie A Killing Affair and the African American miniseries Roots in 1977.

During his time of happiness, Simpson later divorced his wife after the death of his...

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