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Did Hitler Create A Classless Volksgemeinschaft ?

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Did Hitler create a classless Volksgemeinschaft ?It has been established that one of Hitler's key tools in securing support, was the ability of his party to build bridges over the gaps between the classes of society. This became an important idea in the Nazi regime. Not only did Hitler want to appeal between the classes, he wanted to actually make the divisions smaller. He wanted to create, not a regimented community with fractures in society, but one strong fraternity; one powerful nation. In this way Nazism could be seen as an ideology, a movement, more than just a political party. It was not liberal individualism and socialist class warfare, but it was Volksgemeinschaft, the concept of a people's community, that Hitler drove for. However did Hitler make an impact? Was the structure of German society actually changed? Had it fundamentally undertaken the revolution that Hitler wanted?Probably the most numerous members of the German society were the industrial workers, the everyday people. They lived on low wages, in poor living conditions and lead a far from glamorous live. If Hitler were to create a classless society then he must either, deprecate other members of society to their level, or elevate them into higher realms. Hitler claimed to do the later. Many workers were benefiting from regular work and stable rents. Organisations such as the KDF, (Strength through Joy) were allowing workers to partake in government funding activities, such as holidays, day trips and sporting activities. Working conditions were improving, and some workers could even enjoy swimming pools at their factories. It does appear the Hitler had eradicating the daily struggle of the normal everyday man. He no longer needed to slave all day, in painstaking condition, for little return. No longer had to worry about the next meal, instead could worry over where to holiday next. It does appear as if Hitler had provided the normal working classes with a live style expected only in the upper circles of society.However, as with many historical issues, what may appear to be the reality in theory is not necessarily always the reality, in practice. It was not until May 1933, that the average worker's real wage actually rose, above the level they had been prior to Hitler. By this time the average working week had increased from 43 hours, to 47 hours. So it could still be stipulated that the average working man was still struggling through a hard day, still with little reward. Although there were workers who fared well due to rearmament, there were still many involved with consumer goods who were still actively battling to survive. Although figures would indicate that tens of millions were benefiting through the KDF, these figure need to be treated with care. They were Nazi produced, and their truth is dubious. It is unclear just how many would have been able to enjoy the opportunities of the KDF, and to how many these opportunities were nothing but propaganda.So although the...

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