Did Joseph Mc Carthy Create A “Red Scare” Or Did The “Red Scare” Create Joseph Mc Carthy?

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The question Did Joseph McCarthy create a “red scare” or did the “red scare” create Joseph McCarthy suggests if Joseph McCarthy started the red scare or if he was trying to show others he isn’t a communist because of other people’s fears of communism in the US. In other words, McCarthy’s policy in the United States stimulated everyone to fear and watch out for Communists leading to a massive witch hunt for the Communists within the country. In my opinion, I believe that McCarthy created due to the “red scare” and wanted to build it because of the news that the Soviet Union has a nuclear bomb after the US had discovered and detonated theirs. In life and society, the evidence to support my ...view middle of the document...

Truman believes that the Soviet Union must have wanted McCarthy in charge of the senate that he can make the government be in a chaotic state so that the communist within the US can bring down the United States so that they can win. McCarthy has stimulated a chaotic situation within the Republican Party and the people so that the Soviets can come in and make the US communists.
In document 6, the cartoonist’s view of what McCarthy is doing is that he is driving his car into a crowd of people and running them over on the hunt to fight communist. The back of the car has Committee on the Un-American Activities because what McCarthy was doing was being destructive to the US society and is causing the country to turn to chaos because of the fear of communists in the country. McCarthy’s activities have sprung against innocent people who weren’t even part of the Communist party but were attacked by McCarthy making others fear him and hate those people. McCarthy caused the red scare to happen again as the US society became a chaotic turmoil against people making them believe that their friends or family or enemies might be communists.
In document 8, the Congress states what the communists can do to the US. They are stated to cause revolutionary movement with a purpose by treachery, deceit, infiltration into government or secret projects, espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and any other way...

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