Did Lee Harvey Oswald Kill Jfk?

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On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was participating in a motorcade in downtown Dallas, Texas.At 12:30 p.m. they were passing on to Elm Street for the end of the motorcade, when suddenly two gun shots were fired from the Texas school book depository. One of the shots went through President Kennedy's head hitting John Connally in the left leg. The second shot went through Kennedy's back and hit the wind shield. The limousine driver raced the President to the Parkland Memorial Hospital. President Kennedy died after 1:00pm. Then 45 minutes after the assassination another shooting took place. An officer by the name of J. D. Tippit, was confronting a man who met the description of the assassin. On Nov. 22, 1963 after looking at evidence police identified the assassin to be Lee Harvey Oswald and later arrested him for only the killing ofJ. D. Tippit. Later police found more evidence, and also charged Lee Harvey Oswald with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.Oswald was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother had just remarried, when Lee turned 14 years old. Lee was a troubled child. He had no friends and the kids at school would make fun of Lee because of his dirty clothes. Lee at age 14 was put into a home for juvenile delinquents. Counsellors found Lee to be withdrawn and emotionally disturbed and sometimes violent. Later on in Oswalds life one of his cousins whom Lee admired joined the U.S. Marines. So as soon as Oswald turned 17 years old, he also joined the marines. While in the Marines Oswald established himself as a sharp shooter. He was the top marksmen at 110 metres and less. Although Oswald was a good shooter, he was thought of as a dunce by his commanding officers. Oswald read a alot when he was in the Marines mostly about communism. Oswald fell in love with Russia and the idea of being a communist. After he finished his term as a Marine, Oswald left home and moved to Russia. He figured the KGB would want him really badly on their side, after all he was a former U.S. Marine and could tell them secrets. The KGB didn't see it that way. They thought he was nothing special. So when his visa expired they sent him back to the U.S. However, before leaving Oswald attempted suicide in his hotel room. His travelling guide found him and Oswald was put in a hospital for a month. The KGB then decided to make him a member. So Oswald returned to the United States so he could change his citizenship. Oswald was now a double agent.On November 23, 1963 police arrested Oswald for the killing of officer J.D. Tippit, then later charged him with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. During the short time police had to question Oswald they took Oswald for a personal stress evaluation test (lie detector Test). Oswald was asked several questions and the PSE was working fine. Then he was asked 'Did you shoot the President?'. He replied 'I didn't shoot anybody no sir' the PSE chart showed no stress. However...

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853 words - 4 pages only realistic alternative is that Oswald had been carefully framed in advance. The other, purely theoretical, solution, that some other lone nut happened to stumble across Oswald’s rifle and decided to take a few pot shots at the president, is too unlikely to be worth considering. Either Oswald did it, or he was set up.” “John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and put on trial for his murder. However, before he could reach trial, Lee Harvey Oswald was himself murdered by Jack Ruby. Lee Harvey Oswald always pleaded innocence and many believe the assassination was a conspiracy.” (Pettinger, Biography of John F Kennedy )

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2217 words - 9 pages tragedy on November 22, 1963, affected the world. Much may not be known about that day but one thing is true, Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Works Cited Calloff, Pamelattall, Michael. “The Conspiracy Theories.” Texas Monthly 26.11 (1998): 128. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 27 Oct. 2011. Cook, Monte. The Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies. Avon: F+W Media, Inc., 2009. 61-77. Print. Korte

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1699 words - 7 pages The Assassination of John F Kennedy From source B we can learn many things about JFK's assassination. We learn that JFK was hit by 2 shots the second one killing him apparently hitting from the back, into his right temple. Source B also stated that 3 shots were fired from the sixth floor of the Texas schoolbook depository. The rifleman was named Lee Harvey Oswald. Source B declares the assassination weapon to be a Mannlincher

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1771 words - 7 pages motorcade with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy when he was fatally shot. After a ten month investigation it was revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter and was said to have acted alone. ("November 22, 1963: Death of the President.") Oswald had used a mail ordered 6.5 mm Carcano carbine with a 4 power telescope ("JFK Assassination Firearms Factoids."). He was able to hit three of the targets in under 5.6 seconds (citation). Oswald was later

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