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Did Napoleon Do More Harm Than Good To Revolutionary France?

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I think that Napoleon brought up France, from its most terrible status, to the very height in just a few years time. He was a military hero who won victorious land-based battles which ended Napoleon ruling most of Europe. He was a man that believed in himself and had his goals set for his own country, he had great self-control and knowledge; he was a master of strategy and in my eyes a genius. Even though Napoleon as great as he was, something about his way of governing France still go around people's minds. Did Napoleon go too far? Did he do more harm than good to Revolutionary France? After all his success in his military campaigns, did he satisfy the need of the people in France and their ideal towards the French Revolution? This is one of the main discussions we had in class and now that we are studying Napoleon and the French Revolution we will base our thought on our research. In this essay, I will discuss my opinion on whether Napoleon did more harm than good to Revolutionary France and background information.Napoleon's heroic acts of bravery and leadership at the National Convection caused Napoleon a lot of sudden fame. This alarmed the interest Joséphine de Beauharnais who Napoleon married on the 9th of March 1796. The marriage brought a positive influence in political circles for Napoleon. Days after marriage Napoleon started the invasion of Italy on the 27th of March 1796. With this invasion Napoleon drove the Austrians out of Lombardy and defeated the army of the Papal States as there was protestation by Pope Pius VI concerning the execution of Louis XVI. In early 1797 Napoleon led his army to Austria and had forced power to sue peace, causing the Treaty of Campo Formio to give up Austrian Netherlands, the so-called "Low-country" and Rhineland. This also caused France to control Northern Italy.Napoleon was starting to build up an Empire, and as one of his long-term goals was to take over Britain, Napoleon leads an expedition into Egypt with the goal of seizing the country and the Ottoman Empire. Trying to eliminate Britain's access to India and keeping Frances trade interests up. He soon seizes Malta and reaches Alexandria with the British in his neck. At the coast of Egypt his first battle started at the coast with the Mamelukes, where Napoleon was greatly outnumbered but came out to be victorious in the battle due to his great intellect and strategy. Many battles followed in the goal of trying to seize Egypt. With Britain opposing the French and finally compensating at sea with Napoleon, having found the war-ships, Napoleon built up a strong line of defence at the bay of Abukir surviving the attack. Napoleon still succeeded to take over power in Egypt although there were consistent uprisings.Back in France, the country wasn't doing economically well and there was political unrest. This forced Napoleon to return back to France and leave his troops to General Kleber. France needed a man, who could help France out of the chaos...

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