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Did Othello Truly Love Desdemona? Essay

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Love is a universal feeling that everyone experiences at least once during his or her lifetime. According to Webster's Dictionary, love is defined as a strong, positive emotion of regard and affection. In William Shakespeare's play, Othello, there are many questions that the reader would ask about the love that Othello has for Desdemona. During many aspects of the play, Othello's love for his wife is contradictory and questionable. Throughout Shakespeare's play, Othello displays that he does not truly love Desdemona through his relationship was based on pity and not true love, the lack of trust Othello had for Desdemona raised false suspicion and Shakespeare's design to create a tragedy with miscommunication between Othello and Desdemona.First of all, the relationship between Othello and Desdemona is weak because it is merely based on pity and not true love. Othello tells the Duke of Venice about how his love for Desdemona began after he was accused of eloping and marrying her without her consent."Twas pitful,twas wonderous pitful;/She wished she had not heard it, yet she wished/That heaven had made her such a man.She thanked/me,/… She loved me for the dangers I had passed,/ And I loved her, that she did pity them."(1.3.160-167)In this passage, the Duke of Venice asked Othello why he loves Desdemona, he tells him that his love has grown as Desdemona would listen to his stories about war and pity them. By Othello saying this it provides evidence that there is no fundamental foundation binding this relationship together. Othello is basing his love on pity instead of the strong affection and feelings that is necessary to hold or keep a relationship together. This clearly lays out that the relationship between the two is not really based on much. Albert Gerard discusses how Othello 's lack in self- knowledge contributes to his poor judgments."But even Othello's love affair with Desdemona, judging by his own report, seems to have developed smoothly, without painful moral searchings of any kind . . . Beside the deficient understanding of this society into which he has made his way, the motif of the secret marriage then also suggests a definite lack of self-knowledge on Othello's part." (Gerard, Critical Essay)Albert Gerard explains that to be in love one must understand themselves first but Othello decided to rush things without any moral searching of any kind and married Desdemona. This bad judgment in rushing into a relationship without a base or moral searching was ultimately Othello's downfall. Hence, Othello's bond with his wife was not true affection but it was founded on sympathy. This leads into false...

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1206 words - 5 pages ; but such a handkerchief—/ I am sure it was your wife’s—did I to-day/ see Cassio wipe his beard with” (3. 3. 437-439). Iago describes the handkerchief that has spotted strawberries on it, identical to the one Othello gave to Desdemona as a token of love. Since Iago has already accurately describes the handkerchief, Othello starts to believe that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair. As a result, Othello is so blinded by jealousy that he

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1543 words - 6 pages sorry with him, because he is not able to detect the deception and evil of Iago. Othello's central flaw is that he believes that all things are like they seem; he has no suspicion that appearance are deceiving, and this leads to his false conviction of Desdemona and to her downfall- the one truly good natured character in the play. But Iago knows not only that Othello is deceived easily by appearances, but also that


1300 words - 5 pages , and when I love thee not, chaos is come again.¡¨ (III, iii, 91) The contrast can be seen in just later in the scene when Othello says, ¡§ Why did I marry?¡¨ (III, iii, 244) This shows that Othello has not thought about the marriage between him and Desdemona before marrying her and his trust to Desdemona started to crumble because of his ignoble mind.      Vulnerability to other people¡¦ s lies highlight insecurities

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907 words - 4 pages Manipulation is a powerful skill. It causes people to lose trust in friends, doubt themselves, and, in some cases, murder someone they love. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago, a master of manipulation, causes the protagonist, Othello, to lose trust in his faithful wife, Desdemona, even pushing him to the point of murdering her. Iago successfully convinces Othello to doubt Desdemona and later murder her through his genius use

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531 words - 2 pages during the courtship and is truly a magic handkerchief, then Othello did use magic to win Desdemona, and he lied to the Dukes Court. However if the courtship was conducted without magic as Othello told the court, he may be lying now, the handkerchief may not have these properties. Othello maybe inventing the tale to test or frighten Desdemona. On the other hand, the handkerchief may have been the first gift after marriage, not having been given

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