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Did Something Go Wrong On The Island? (An Essay About The Problems On The Island In Lord Of The Flies)

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In the novel, “Lord of the Flies,” a plane full of boys gets shot down and crash lands in the sea near an island. The boys who survived are faced with many challenges. They must find food, shelter, water, and protection from beasts. At first, they seem to be doing fine. The young boys are English Navy cadets. They have been educated enough to find the basics of survival. In the beginning, Ralph and Piggy are in charge. They assign roles to different groups of boys. The system is pretty good. Shelters are being built. Food is being hunted and gathered. A signal fire is lit on top of the mountain in the center of the island, so that in the case that someone in a ship or a plane ...view middle of the document...

Piggy and Simon are the two boys on the island, other than Jack, who can actually wrap their heads around their situation. Unlike Jack, they weren’t hungry for power. If they had had power on the island, things may have turned out much better. That would never happen, though. In order to get power, you must be a fighter. Those with power are always fighters. They use their power to turn others into fighters. That’s just human nature. The ones with the answers are the ones no one asks.
Finally, nothing that happened on the island had anything to do with who was on the island. A rock got dropped on someone’s head. Had it been adults on the island, it would have simply been a bigger rock. Had it been all girls on the island, it would have been some silly girly thing being dropped on someone’s head. Had it been a bunch of super “religious” kids, it would have been a bible smashed across someone’s head. By the way, I thought it was funny that all throughout the movie the boys kept singing “Kyrie eleison” over and over again. Did they know that they would need the lord’s mercy after all the...

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