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Did The Actions In Corfu And Bulgaria Add Or Diminish The League Of Nations Over Time?

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The League of Nations was created in 1920 to help countries settle down between them , become peacekeepers and solve problems overcoming the population. The major problems were drug control, Refugee work, famine relief and diseases which seemed one of its biggest successes for the League of Nations .The League of Nations was meant to help countries stay settled with each other ,instead it induced quarrels between countries. The League of Nations didn't always succeed in stopping those quarrels. Tension between countries became greater. Examples of those quarrels would be Corfu and Bulgaria. They indeed increased and a diminished the reputation of towards the League of Nations because they joined the defense towards important and bigger countries giving unfair punishments to countries less important , succeeded in adverting war in the border disputes between Bulgaria and Greece and set a dangerous example to other countries becoming not effective peacekeepers.The League of Nations on the 31st August 1923 condemned Mussolini of its invasion of the Greek island of Corfu and gave Greece a small sanction to pay for killing the Italian general Enrico Tellini until the killers were found and prosecuted. Mussolini at first accepted the terms as he then slowly entered the Conference of Ambassadors . The league of Nations was convinced of Italy's innocence as Mussolini slowly overdrew closer and closer to the League of Nations. The League then changed its mind and made Greece apologize and made them pay the compensation , while Mussolini was able to leave Corfu with no problem. The Corfu incident shows a diminish towards the League of Nations and an unfair favored treatment towards Greece. The League of Nations not only didn't solve the conflict between Italy and Greece but it sustained the country which for them was most powerful and most useful later on. Corfu was just an island for them while Italy was part of the League of Nations, there was also the problem that other parts of Greece were taken and Corfu would have caused the other part of Greece to rebel for their freedom so...

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