Did The Americans Win The Revolution Or Did The British Lose A Colonial Was For Independence?

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The way I see it the Americans won the Revolution and the British lost a colonial war for independence.At the beginning of the war, there was not a regular American army like we have today, just a militia made up of civilians, most of which were farmers. So naturally, they were not used to the long battles with the British Regulars. As a result thousands quit.What signaled the beginning of the American Revolution was the first battle on April 19, 1775 at Lexington. General Gage was in charge of the British troops that were in Boston. He learned that the colonists had hidden a large amount of weapons in Concord. They had planned on a surprise attack but the two sons of liberty, Paul Revere and William Dawns, warned General Washington of the impending British attack.When the Americans defeated the British at Saratoga it ended the British's plan to separate New England from the other colonies. The French government had been supplying the Americans secretly. I feel this helped the Americans win and that if the French would not have decided to help most of the Americans would already have died. The French sent the Americans gunpowder, soldiers, officers, and ships. After the defeat at Saratoga the French entered the war on the American's side.One reason I think that the British lost this war was because not only were they fighting with the Americans, they were also fighting against Spain in 1779 and 1780 with the Dutch. The British were fighting against the Dutch to stop their trade...

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