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Did The Apostle Paul Write The Book Of Colossians?

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There are many introduction issues pertaining to Colossians authorship. Along with arguments and issues there are a few debates and questioning pertaining to the date, location, and the occasion, but overall all agree. Many scholars have come to the conclusion that Paul indeed is the author of Colossians, but there are some debates and questioning. There are two main arguments that deal with the authorship of the epistle. There is much debate on the literary usage in Colossians and the style in which it is written. Along with the vocabulary and style many argue with the theology behind the epistle as well. An example for concerning the argument towards the style is found in Colossians 1:27 where the unusual genitival words are used. Donald Guthrie does argue however that, “stylistic differences are generally attributable to changing circumstances or subject matter” (Guthrie 553). With arguing that Colossians is not written by Paul then Ephesians should also be questioned. It is said that either Ephesians is dependent on Colossians or Colossians is dependent on Ephesians. Guthrie also claims that, ““The strongest arguments in support of its authenticity are the indisputable nature of the external evidence and the inseparable connection of the epistle with Philemon” (Guthrie). There are also arguments that claim that the heresy in Colossians is second century Gnosticism. Despite all of the arguments it is evident that Paul is the author and evidence of this is shown in Colossians 1:1, 1:23, 4:18 where he speaks of himself in first person. There is evidence that Tychicus is the carrier of both Ephesians and Colossians. Not only does Paul refer to himself like he does in all of the epistles, but Colossians is almost identical to the Book of Philemon. Both books contain information about Timothy and Onesimus is mentioned as well. The date and location of Colossians is also debated by many scholars. It is known that Paul wrote while he was imprisoned, but the location of where is debated. Many scholars debate Paul was in Caesarea or Ephesus. Both of the arguments deal with the location and when Paul was imprisoned. Despite the arguments many come to the conclusion that Paul was in Rome during the time he wrote Colossians. It is also recorded in Acts 28:30 where Paul is imprisoned and he also wrote Ephesians and Philemon as well. It is said that Colossians was written during Paul’s two-year imprisonment around 60 CE. Many scholars do not argue on location and occasion of Colossians and it is known that Paul was addressing a church at Colossae. The city was located 100 miles from Ephesus and was mainly a Jewish city. The date is argued along with the authorship due to when Paul actually wrote it. Wallace states, “In conclusion, the traditional view that Paul was in Rome when he wrote Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon, is still the most reasonable view” (Wallace). Many scholars tend to try to debate and argue that Paul...

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