Did The Birlings And Gerald Make A Nasty Mess Of Eva's Life

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Ellie Chambers 10YH/W Is it true to say that all those at the Birling dinner party made a 'nasty mess' of Eva Smith's life?Inspector Goole describes Eva's life as a 'nasty mess', due to the Birling's and Gerald's involvement in her life. We learn about their involvement in her life by the inspector revealing information through asking them questions that he already knew the answer to. We also learn about their involvement in chronological order, to give us a better understanding of how they each drove Eva to her suicide.To Begin with Eva worked for Mr Birling in his factory and suffered from a very low wage. She was only paid twenty two and six shillings. As a result of this, Eva gathered some workers and decided to go to Mr birling and ask for twenty five shillings. Mr Birling refused and said he did not want to increase their wage by 12% as he would be making no profit. So Eva took the group of workers on strike. The strike lasted for around two weeks. They decided to end the strike as they realised that Mr Birling was no way inclined to give them a rise. So they went back to his office and asked to come back to work. Mr Birling let some of the workers come back, however he fired the ring leaders as they caused trouble and threatened to give the company a bad name. So Eva was left jobless. She had to no idea how she was going to get money in order to pay rent for her room and buy food. Mr Birling made a nasty mess of Eva's life by first, paying her a low wage so she could barely get by, and then by firing her so she had no way to fend for herself. In a way I think that Mr birling made more of a mess of her life than the others as he started of the whole chain of events, leading to her suicide.After being fired by Mr Birling, Eva eventually got a job at a popular clothes shop called Milwards. She was delighted about having the job and it enjoyed a lot. In addition to this she also received a better wage then she did at Birling's factory. Although on a day she was working Shelia Birling came to the shop and tried on a dress that did not suit her at all. Eva recognised this and gave a sort of look to her co - worker as if to say it didn't suit her. Shelia was already in a bad mood that day so when she saw this exchanged glance she was infuriated. Mainly at the fact that Eva was prettier than her too. So Shelia used the authority that she had and demanded to the manager that Eva were to be fired. So Eva lost her job and was once again jobless. Shelia also made a nasty mess of Eva's life due to fact that she ordered Eva were to lose her job. This left Eva with no job and no money, pushing her even further to her death. After losing a second job, Eva must have gave up looking for anymore as during the remainder of the book Priestly did not say anything about her looking for another job. Meaning that Shelia must have deprived her of her confidence to look for another one.After being sacked from Milwards, Eva was at the Palace Bar one night, being...

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