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Did We Really Land On The Moon . Here Are Ome Explantion To Why Nasa Csnt Prove The Landed On The Moon.

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Did We Really Land on the Moon?Jerry BennettBeattie/RoweFebruary 20,2003Bennett 4Works Cited"Apollo 11". Grolier Interactive Encyclopedia 2001. February 12,2003"Apollo Program". Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001 February 12,2003"Moon Hoax". MSN 2-12-03Yen, Bill. The Astronauts. New York:Exter Books. 1987. 52-68Beattie 5th hr. Bennett 1Did We Really Land On The Moon?Do you think we landed on the moon in 1969? NASA launched the Apollo 11 on a mission to land on the moon. We made a moon mission in order to beat Russia to the moon. They went to the moon and collected rock samples and brought them back to earth. So NASA thought the mission was a complete success. But, there are many speculations about the moon landing. There are many ways to disprove NASA but very few to prove them. The moon landing was a hoax and here are many reasons to prove it.We supposedly landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 at 10:56pm eastern daylight time. Neil Armstrong said his famous words, "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind" (Apollo 11). The landing sight was named tranquility. They landed on a relatively flat surface. Once they landed on the surface they were to build a small science lab to collect data from the noon surface. NASA launched the mission to beat the Russian to the moon. The mission took eight days to complete. After they landed "As a precautionary measure, the astronauts were quarantined for 14 days"(Microsoft Encarta 2001). They landed safely in the Pacific Ocean. "The launch was the most watched launch in the world. There were journalist from 56 countries right there to watch the launch"(Yenne 54). The Crew was Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin Jr., and Michael Collins flew the Columbia and Eagle. After serving for many years for NASA Armstrong retired and than became a teacherBennett 2at the university of Cincinnati. After he retired from teaching he became the vice chairman to investigate the explosion of the challenger.There are many reasons to believe the moon landing was phony. The moon is said to have radiation enough to kill a man. You would have to wear a six-foot thick lead suit if you were on a planet with no atmosphere. NASA response to that is, "You only have that amount of radiation if you were exposed to that for a long period of time" (Moon-Hoax 1). David Percy said, "The amount of radiation on the moon is no grater than that of an old x-ray machine in airports" (Moon-Hoax 1). Another example is there is no...

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