Did You Ever Here Of The Name John Chambers Before?

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Did you ever here of the name John Chambers before? Well if you haven't you'll find out who John Chambers is and what he does. You'll find out more about his personality and his great success to the computer world. John Chambers was born in Charleston West Virginia. Both of his parents were doctors, his father was a gynecologist, and mother was a family doctor. He had two sisters. Him and his sisters were grown up in a tightly knit family. He enjoys fishing and singing in the church choir. John graduated high school as salutatorian. He has a mild case of dyslexia, which he is fighting throughout his years of working and giving public speeches and presentations. John has overcome the dyslexia although he still doesn't like long letters, memos, etc… He would rather have a verbal conversation. All of the speeches that he presents are memorized and not written down. John married his high school sweetheart Elaine Prater and they had two children named John Jr. (son), and Lindsay (daughter). He went to West Virginia to earn a degree in law. I'm sure that we all heard the name Cisco before. Without Cisco the Internet could not function as well as it does today. When John Chambers started working for them he was second in command to a guy by the name of John Morgridge. Their annual revenue was 70 million dollars, a market John Chambers capitalization of 600 million dollars and they had employed 300 people. When he took over as President in 1995 he was 50 years old and has built the Internet powerhouse to over 18 billion dollars in revenue, had a market capitalization of 444 billion and had employed 31,000 people. They are just behind GE and Intel but ahead of Microsoft, which is the worlds most valuable company. Now them numbers will change various times. Just last March Cisco had boomed up to 555 billion, which pushed everyone aside making Cisco, the worlds most valuable company. It took Microsoft a half a century to make it to the top where as it only took Cisco 16 years. Nearly 80 percent...

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