Didactic Unit: Daily Routine Essay

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Unit number : 2
Title: My Daily routine!
María Juan Llopis

7.1. Oral language
- Listening
-Spoken production
-Spoken interaction
7.2. Written Language
- Reading
- Writing
7.3. Linguistic System Elements, and relations among them:
- Grammar
- Phonetics
7.4. Language as a learning tool
7.5. Social and cultural dimensions of language
7.6. Communication and information technologies
-Session 1: Listening
-Session 2: Listening + Speaking
-Session 3: Listening + Speaking + Reading
-Session 4: Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing
-Session 5: Stations

2. TITLE: My Daily routine!
 Stage: Primary.
 Cycle: 1st
 Academic course: 1st
 Years: 6-7 years old.
4. SESSIONS: 5 sessions
5. TIMING: This unit will last about two or three weeks. I think that it would be
helpful to study this didactic unit (DU) at the beginning of the school year (September)
because this way the children will adquire good habits for the rest of the year. But we
think that is important that they knows before other themes without more difficult, like
"The Rainbow Colours", so we do this DU on October and November, concretely
We will have two lessons of fifty minutes per week, exactly Tuesdays and Thursdays.
 To listen and understand "My Daily Routine" vocabulary and messages in
Present Simple tense
 To speak using "My Daily Routine" vocabulary and messages in Present Simple
 To read and understand "My Daily Routine" vocabulary and messages in
Present Simple tense.
 To write using "My Daily Routine" vocabulary and messages in Present Simple
 To use "My Daily Routine" to know what everyone does every day.
 To use the foreign language and the new technologies to learn more about daily

7.1. Oral language:
 Listening: listen and circle worksheet
 Spoken production: repeat "My daily routine!" vocabulary looking at
flashcards, everybody at a time.
 Spoken interaction: talk about "My daily routine!" vocabulary in pairs, and
sing the song about routines "This is the way".
7. 2. Written language
 Reading:
 Identify and read aloud the picture and the name of the different routines.
 Play the game "Someone messed this up"
 Do an activity individually.
 Writting:
 Participate in a contest to learn to write the daily routines.
 Work out how to write the name of the daily routines.
7. 3. Linguistic system elements, functions and relations among them.
 Vocabulary:
Get up - Wash your face - Have breakfast - Go to school - Have lunch - Have dinner-
Do your homework - Have a shower - Watch TV- Brush your teeth - Go to bed.

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