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Dier El Medina Study Notes Essay

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Notes - Dier el-Medina from "Societies From The Past"Womeno The position of women in the New Kingdom must be pieced together from a variety of sources ranging from scenes from their husbands' tombs to references in writings such as the "Instructions" which encouraged 'correct' womanly behaviour.o As children, girls did not receive the same education as their brothers. Most women couldn't read or write.o Their rank in society was that of their father or husband.o Large families were the ideal and marriage was mainly for reproduction.o The average for a female to marry was 13.o Marriage was a legal matter and both re-marriage and divorce was common.o If a man divorced his wife for any reason but adultery he had to pay her approx. 1/3 of their property, and if a woman divorced her husband for any reason but adultery she had to pay him some compensation.o Both sexes shared many legal rights. Women could initiate marriage or divorce, own and dispose of property, and often inherited the same share as their brothers.o Generally women supervised their home; however they also performed outside work. These included: female priests or priestesses, professional mourners, singers, dancers, nurses, minor court officials, doctors, workshop weavers, washerwomen, bakers and millers. Poorer women often worked in the fields or were household servants.o Literature often reminds men to behave carefully around unknown women but also honours the role of mothers and competent housewives.Workerso Most evidence gained of the workers' lives is from relief scenes in nobles' tombs. The noble is usually emphasising his official role and thus his own importance, by depicting himself 'inspecting' various agricultural work and workshops on his own estates or those of the king or at temples, particularly those of Amen.o Scenes of animal husbandry and agriculture are the most prominent. Most illustrate the cultivation and harvesting of crops such as barley, and emmer wheat, the basis of economy.o Most land was owned by the pharaoh, temples or the nobility.o Many fruits and vegetables were grown in smaller garden plots. The most common were onions, beans, melons, dates, figs, grapes and pomegranates.o The shadoof was introduced during the New Kingdom to aid irrigationo Evidence has shown that fishermen worked either solely with a line and hook or in teams with large nets.o Bread baking and beer brewing was commono Woodworkers used a variety of tools and finished goods that have survived are of a high standard of manufactureo Leatherworkers made a range of goods from bows, chariots, harnesses and sandals.o Brickmaking was a hard trade and captives often worked as slaves in this field.o Stonemasons played a major role in the construction of temples and other public places.o Metalworkers are common in tomb reliefs and stages of production are clearly depicted.o Barbers were in great demand as both men and women shaved their heads.o Servants are shown performing household tasks such as...

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