Diesel Mechanic And A Brief History Of Diesel Truck Engines

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I am doing diesel mechanics the reason I am doing diesel mechanics is because
My dad is a mechanic with his own business.
I want to take over my dads business when I get older and can handle the responsibility
To be a diesel or regular mechanic. The reason I really need to take over the business is
Because i am the oldest in my family and I will have to support them.
The history of the diesel truck engines began why back in the late 19th century.
The inventor of diesel engineering is Rudolf diesel although he was the inventor he a almost died from creating the diesel engine. which is now the reason there is also a diesel mechanism.
The diesel engine was grated patent in 1898 and after that it spread around the world in the nineteen hundreds.
The are probley around 263100 people as a diesel mechanic that work in the united states or probley even more. Although in the next 10 to 15 diesel mechanism should experience a ...view middle of the document...

A job like a diesel mechanic can be found anywhere in the world but that job is mostly found in the united states, Russia, and china. Yea but the number one place to find a job like a diesel mechanic are mostly found in t the United States. The reason jobs like a diesel mechanic are found the United States is because they we the most need for it diesel and we use diesel. We also have the most diesel in the world too and the most diesel trucks in the world. Too protect are self’s from diesel and gas the united states recommends that we put are diesel gas in a yellow container and put are regular gas in a red container so you can tell the difference between the two flammable liquid’ s. the specific duties of a diesel mechanic’s job is just basically repairing diesel engines or just regular engines there qualified to do both engines and should be experienced with the two engines. Diesel mechanics also maintain diesel fuel and regular gas fuel they keep the fuel clean so they can use it later on and if the diesel is not good anymore they dispose of it. A regular diesel mechanic usually works around fifty to sixty hours a week with no days off except Sundays. Also between those fifty to sixty hours they have to make as much money as they can t o by new tools for there company.
There are a lot of unusually things about the number of months or even years it takes to be a diesel mechanic. The thing about a diesel mechanic is that you have to be commited to your work because you usually have to work around fifty to sixty hours a week with only one day off. The day you have off is Sunday the reason the day you have off is sundy is because its god’s day and you should get some rest and go to church if u want to. Also the reason you usually work around fifty to sixty hours a week is because as a diesel mechanic you have a lot of customers that need your diesel mechanisms service.
The usuall gender for a diesel mechanic job is mainly a male sometimes you have a female as your diesel mechanic but that is very very rare and not expected. Although diesel mechanic females are out there they have to be really strong and toug

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