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The issue of health and longevity has been a major discussion in today's health conscious society. Thus, in recent years, many people have came up with several components that does play a role in health and longevity. With the idea of a healthy diet as the base, there are still numerous non-dietary factors that are crucial in health and longevity. Hence, this essay will first touch on dietary factor as a primary element in health and longevity. Then, it will discuss non-dietary factors, namely, lifestyle, attitude and culture which contributes to the quality and length of life.To begin with, since the beginning of human evolution, diet has always been a fundamental aspect of life. A balanced diet, that is the right consumption of food, is vital for health and longevity. A study on Aborigines' diet shows that when political changes were imposed on Aborigines, which is by providing them diet that consists of 'little more than flour, tea and sugar, [as well as] saturated animal fat', they were unable to supplement such a diet and suffered from late onset diabetes. However, when they were given their traditional diet which consists of low-fat meat and lots of vegetable, there was a great decline of the Aboriginal communities suffered late-onset diabetes (Casey 1993:10). This provides evidence that a near-vegetarian diet with high fibre, low salt, and few processed foods 'promotes health and greater longevity' (British Medical Association 2002:208). Thus, eating a healthy diet in ones everyday life is necessary to for a healthy and longer life.However, although diet is essential in promoting health and longevity, non-dietary factors is equally significant. To begin with, the lifestyle of an individual is one of the many non-dietary factors that affect ones health and longevity. An Okinawa study conducted by Craig and Bradley Willcox, shows that practising good and healthy lifestyle, does not only ensures ones health but also increases the length and quality of life. Their study shows that even though their 'range of movements decreases', Okinawans still actively participate in everyday activities (2000, cited in King Murdoch 2005:24). Ushi Okushima, an Okinawa farmer at the age of 103, for instance, still has the energy to work and exercise (King Murdoch 2005:24). Her active lifestyle was believed to have contributed to her strength. Consequently, the type of lifestyle the Okinawans led made them the longest-living and healthiest in the world (King Murdoch 2005:24). Hence, it is shown that...

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