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Diet: Another Four Letter Word. Essay

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Probably the most significant thing I have learned from this class is that my eating habits need a drastic overhaul. Being active duty Army, there is a misconception that military personnel are physical fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. From personal experience that is a misleading notion. If anything because of the hours and constant change my lifestyle is worse in comparison to a civilian in the same occupation. The stressors of my profession and those inherent in my career field make maintaining a healthy style difficult.As I steadily approach retirement, in less than two months, I realize that I must make changes. Although my family history is nearly void of any hereditary diseases or afflictions, I still have age and a second career looming as considerations for a healthier lifestyle. I am 42 years of age and have a few preexisting health concerns: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, sleep disorder, and irritable bowel and bladder syndrome, which have manifested within the past four years. It is my belief that many of these disorders will remedy themselves after I retire leaving behind the physical and mental stressors of the military.While my diet is not the healthiest, I do not think that it predisposes me to any specific disease but it can definitely make me more susceptible through immunocompromise caused by low or missing nutrients. Without a doubt, my eating habits are far below the standard that they should be. I believe I do make an effort to eat healthy but time management is made easier when supplementing with the availabilities of restaurants and restaurant delivery.The second thing I have learned is the plethora of information that exists on all levels of health and diet issues. As a society we are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable and concerned in how and what we need to do to take care of ourselves. There are many helpful tables and calculators to help us figure out what and how much we should weigh, what diets we need to lose extra weight, what pills to pop to ensure we receive the nutrition that our diets are missing or to help us be successful with our diets, but there is nothing that guarantees our success because nothing controls our self-discipline With the information that is available, there is an increased chance for success.The third, but certainly not the least, important thing I have learned is that many people are in my same predicament of having an unhealthy lifestyle; I am not alone in my struggles! The intent definitely seems to be there but again, convenience seems to take the lead.So, now I have this vast amount of knowledge and information and what am I going to do with it? To be honest, probably nothing immediately, except now I have the guilt of knowing that I have the knowledge to effectively make changes, but will succumb to my duties and responsibilities and let my health take a backseat. Sad but true; I am not an alcoholic or a chocoholic but I am a workaholic. Once I...

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1215 words - 5 pages it won’t be a waste, and also because it is more plentiful (Diet). As a result of obesity, financial problems are arising as well. Medical Care is a massive problem in our economy today and adding obesity to it is just another thing that can be prevented (Diet). Currently, many women are feeling unhappy with their bodies. The solution to that are weight-loss plans (Diet). Weight-loss plans can cost between $20-30 for three meals a day (Diet

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