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My eight-year-old sister thought she was forever doomed to a drab diet of rice and vegetables when a doctor’s visit resulted in her being diagnosed with both celiac disease and an allergy to dairy. Contrary to this vision of flavorless fare, however, was the glorious array of gluten-free delicacies she found lining the shelves of the local health food store. Even more spectacular was the transformation she experienced within weeks of revamping her diet; she was no longer plagued by inexplicable stomachaches or itchy patches of eczema. The direct correlation between food and health became apparent to me, and resulted in my deciding to pursue a career in dietetics. I now aspire to assist those who suffer from food-related complications such as allergies, eating disorders, and diabetes so that they, like my sister, may have the chance to live full and healthful lives. I have put forth my best effort throughout all of high school so as to be well equipped for the additional years of education I will need to achieve my goal of becoming a registered dietician.
Instead of being deterred by the prospect of challenging science courses in college, I was delighted to discover those in which I will be required to enroll. Science class has always been the highlight of my day; rather than groan at the prospect of yet another lab, I internally cheer as I set up the experiment. Whether I am identifying a powder or dissecting a brain, I am excited to take part in these hands-on activities. My eager attitude as well as much studying has enabled me to acquire A’s for each science course in which I have participated; this accomplishment has certainly prepared me academically for the science courses in which I will take part next year.
I believe that extracurricular activities are as significant as academic success in preparation for one’s future; they enable students to explore subjects not typically taught in school and to possibly discover new passions and skills. For example, participating in Science Olympiad has...

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