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Obesity is becoming a major epidemic in our country today. People battle this disease for years without successfully overcoming it. According to the Center’s of Disease Control (2010), obesity is defined as any person having a body mass index above 30. The CDC also reported that thirty-three states in the US have an equal or greater than 25% prevalence of obesity in each state. The United States is taking a stand and trying to decrease these statistics. There are many different products and programs available today in attempt of lowering the obesity rate. Some have chosen diet and exercise to lose excess weight while others have turned to surgery. When dealing with this disease, many people wonder what the best option is for weight loss. Should health care providers promote a healthy lifestyles change that may take month to years of hard work to lost weight, or should health care providers promote bariatric surgery which limits the amount of food that patients can eat by decreasing the size of the stomach allowing patients to lose large amounts of weight quickly?
The author of this research paper personally became familiar with this disease process as a child. The author watched many family members battle this disease and eventually battled it herself. After watching close friends go through gastric bypass surgery and others try lifestyle changes, the author would like to gain a broader understanding of this disease and look into the long-term satisfaction rate for each treatment type. In order to get a broader understanding of this topic the author formulated the following research question:
“Regarding overall long-term satisfaction of weight loss outcomes, are there differences between post-bariatric surgery patients compared to patients who made lifestyles changes?”
Extensive searching was done in order to find the best evidence to answer this question. The primary search engine used was CINHAL Plus with Full Text and the Cochrane Library. Various keywords were used such as weight loss, satisfaction (of weight loss), outcomes (of weight loss), weight loss surgery, dieting and interventions (satisfaction), diet and exercise (satisfaction), bariatric surgery (satisfaction), weight loss (long-term quality of life), and gastric bypass (satisfaction).These terms are defined in the glossary preceding the paper.
There are an abundant amount of research studies done looking at the broad topic of obesity and weight loss, but little to no research was done regarding the author’s research question. Therefore, the author found studies that surround the topic of weight loss satisfaction by selecting single articles looking at the satisfaction of bariatric surgery alone, the satisfaction of dietary intervention as weight loss by itself, and one article covering the topics together relating to the weight loss outcome.
Article #1
Bond et al (2008) conducted a quantitative research study using a quisi-experiemental method yielding level III...

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