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Dieting To Racism: Making The Connection

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A man dieting or choosing healthier eating gives in to temptation, his wife humorously assists him in resisting that temptation and complementing him on choice when making the right one (PepsiMax®) [1]. Domestic violence in the making to racism at its finest, all from dieting and healthier living. I disagree with Michel Martins’ review “Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt” [5] in its entirety. Not only do I find her to be an extremist, but those who find and look for race are racists. Comparing this commercial to that of domestic violence and a display of racism is an unrealistic and ignorant view of the commercial and its intent. The Pepsi Cola Company is interested in selling the most product it ...view middle of the document...

Durose et al) [4]. And 57% of cities cite the top cause of homelessness in 2008 as domestic violence against women and children [2]. How exactly, does this commercial depict domestic violence? Did the woman have him cowering in a corner, had words been spoken to allude to verbal abuse, was he bruised, battered, or otherwise maimed? Martin needs to educate herself on domestic violence before she goes spewing nonsense.
And racism, who brought up racism? Martin did, that’s who! Those who see racism are those who prolong its existence. Some racism exists today because of people like Martin, who can’t see past color, race and creed. This knee jerk reaction harms everyone by stopping communication between the races. Whether it’s true or not, many whites (as judged by the comments posted to the website of the ad) think that anything they say will be taken as racist and therefore say nothing. That certainly shuts down communication and delays this country’s finding a solution to its racial problems. As a society we too often seem to forget the importance of intent. It’s obvious that Pepsi Cola had no intention of making a Super Bowl ad that was racist as it could only harm their sales.
It’s apparent from the commercial that this man likes what he sees in the woman jogger who sat down beside him, who just happens to be white. How is that racism? And tell me; what wife wouldn’t get upset with her man looking at another woman, no matter the color, race, or creed? Jealousy knows no prejudices; neither of them would have reacted any differently had the woman been black.
I fail to see how Martin could take a harmless commercial and turn it into the...

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