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A church is a building where Christians go to listen to the New Testament, say prayers, and partake in worship services. Christians go here to pray directly to God, Jesus, Mary or any of the saints. A Mosque is also a place of worship, but in Islam; where Muslims go to pray directly to Allah. Prayers at the church are normally done inside, whereas prayers can be done inside and outside at a mosque, but normally have a designated spot for congregational prayer. 
 The design of the church itself is purposeful, where symbolic meaning comes from the Bible.  A church can have many shapes; constructed in the form of a cross which has a dome inside to draw attention to the heavens, a circle which represents eternity, an octagon or a star shape (Chhoni). Building material and design of mosques depend on the culture, heritage, and resources of each local Muslim community.
 The interior of a church and a mosque is much different. The first area encountered upon entering a church is known as the vestibule.  This separates those who are reconciled and those who are not. A baptismal is also kept near the entrance, symbolizing the baptism is the “door to the church.” Inside there is a nave (where members sit or stand), a sanctuary (“the area home to the altar, tabernacle, pulpit and a chair for the priest or pastor”) (“What Are the Parts”), and a choir loft, (raised area above the sanctuary, used for the choir to sing responses to the mass with the congregation). The church is also filled with mosaics, painted narratives, and stained glass windows. The windows are made with colored glass made of metallic oxides as well as glass on which colors have been painted and then fused in a kiln. The purpose of these were to create light from heaven and symbolize the presence of God in the church. The stained glass windows also teach Biblical stories, serving as a “Poor man’s Bible.”
 The interior of a mosque has common features among most. A mosque has a prayer hall, also known as musalla which means “place for prayer”. Unlike a church, it is normally very bare, with much open space. The reason mosque has open floor plans is because it allows...

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