Difference Between Genders Essay

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Is there a difference between men and women? Is there a difference between Men and Women? Are men more intelligent than women? Are women more sensitive than men? Are men superior over women, or are women equal to men? What about the saying, ?Behind every good man there?s a good women?.Does this implicate that the women suppose to be in the back while the man is in the front.Yes I believe that men differ from women. When you talk about the differences between the two, you have to talk about the obvious one, and that?s the difference in the form of the bodies and how they develop. Women bodies develop faster than men and their bodies develop differently, for nurturing their children. When men bodies are developed, it?s stronger and brooder than the woman body. By that the man is suppose to be the provider for his family.When you read the Bible and it?s says that God created man first, than women. That?s one major reason why men have always come before women in our society. Who runs our country, a man? I don?t personality believe that men are more intelligent than women. However, I do believe that men are intimated by an intelligent woman. They don?t want women to progress pass them.You have to remember that women weren?t always treated with the same respect as men. They weren?t always able to go to school and work. As times change, women were given rights too. They were able to have careers. They could vote. They could be whatever they wanted to be, such as; a lawyers, doctor and Engineer. They didn?t have to limit themselves to careers that society thought that a woman should be doing, such as being; a...

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1685 words - 7 pages Mahamod et al. (2009), gender results into differences in Language Learning Strategies with studies showing that, females are better in using Language Learning Strategies than males. There however exists differing views in which some studies indicate that there is no difference in the use of Language Learning Strategies between genders. In addition, other studies, according to Mahamod et al. (2009), indicate more use of Language Learning Strategies

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521 words - 2 pages in their jokes, more razzing and more mock-antagonistic. Men will brag about conquests, women about successfully repulsing an attempt. Men will discuss a possible sex partner, women whether he would make a good father for the children. Yes, this is a generalization and both genders occasionally obliterate these boundaries. However, the difference in communication among the same gender is very different from discussions between the genders.An

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1705 words - 7 pages patriarchal literature as it provides conflict with women, which is crucial for plot formation and development. Patriarchal literature does a great job of providing conflict, as there is an obvious contrast between the two genders involved: masculine and feminine. Masculinity is revered for its bravery, solidity, and domination. These three characteristics allow men to maintain a positive and influential manner, while women on the other hand

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1579 words - 6 pages both male and female students for short-term and long-term studies (Hoffman 17). In one study done by Hoffman, grades and standardized test scores were compared between students with single sex instruction and students in coeducational settings. It was found that students taking single sex instruction had higher achievement levels than those students taking coeducational classes (Hoffman 17). Further, the classroom could use genders to its

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1401 words - 6 pages have even been found this to be true, but there are more recent studies that are beginning to report that skills related to science and even interest in science does not differ significantly between the two genders (Bursal, 2013, p. 1151). In Bursal’s article he discusses different studies that were conducted globally on students to see if there was an achievement gap between the genders in the area of science (2013, p. 1152). He concludes that

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744 words - 3 pages same chances for both genders is a must, to attain equal opportunities. Gender discrimination was a main factor, in the past females was known to only be plain housewives and that they don’t have the equal right to vote or fight for a certain belief because people tend to underestimate the ability of women. There is no major difference in overall cleverness between genders as far as most studies stated according to the facts. Women emerge to have

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