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Indifference in the world today has made us blind to our own mistakes. If we keep indifference in our hearts we will never quiet creating the same mistakes of our ancestors before us. Ever heard the saying “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it”, that should be the main movement against indifference. Elie Wiesel used many examples to show how our indifference has affected the judgements made by governments around the world. One such example was Ethiopia during the time of World War II. Elie Wiesel’s argument using Ethiopia was effective. When trying to explain indifference Elie Wiesel uses the League of nations outstanding indifference in the situation of Mussolini as an example for his speech.
In this instance, the League of Nations was well aware that Mussolini, the fascist ruler of Italy during World War II, was following in Hitler’s footsteps trying to reenact his evil endeavors. Even though they knew about this disaster in progress, they made no attempts to divert him from his path of devastation. Because of their unwillingness to act against Mussolini, Africa would eventually be enveloped by it. When his tornado of destruction landed on Ethiopian soil, trying to take all that was theirs, ie homes, rights, and land; the calamity that befell Ethiopia afterwards could have been easily dealt with by the League of Nations taking their tails out from between their legs and doing what they knew needed to be done, instead of watching it happen as not so innocent bystanders to other human beings such as themselves.
The fact that the League of Nations did nothing to stop Mussolini even though they knew of his hunger for power they did nothing to stop him proving their great indifference. The American Government had an ambassador in Rome while they were planning the attack on Ethiopia. When the american government found out about the attack from the middle of the night...

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