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Difference Between Oedipus And Hamlet English Essay

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Nusrat Bainya
Eng 1121
In class paper 2
Option 2
Death is a cycle of life. Some of us die from natural causes, whereas others die from being murdered or diseases plus other things. “Oedipus” and “Hamlet” are two very different unique stories. Oedipus is trying to save his people from the plague, that he himself put on them. On the other hand, Hamlet is trying to be a good son of the renaissance and avenge his father’s death. The deaths in both stories are really important because without the death both Oedipus and Hamlet would not have a goal to reach. Oedipus needs to find who killed the last king and punish them, in order to save everyone. Hamlet needs to be a good son and kill Claudius to avenge his father, but he has many questions in the way.
Oedipus who has his own destiny that he had run from a long time ago, now needs to solve the problem that his people are in. Oedipus’s destiny was that he is going to kill his father and marry his mother. In order to stop that from happening, Oedipus runs away from his adopted kingdom and goes to a new place but on his way there he kills a group of people and one of the men that he killed was his father. So when he approached the gates of his real kingdom he answered the question that no one ever has been able to answer and freed the people inside the gates. Because he freed the people he was announce the new king and he had to marry their widow queen. Oedipus did not know that the destiny that he was running from, had already been fulfill. Laius’s the last king and Oedipus father death was really important because without his death there would not have been a plague, and Oedipus would not have known that the destiny that he thought he ran away from, already been fulfill. Oedipus is a man of his words, even when the truth of the real murder was coming out he never hidden anything from the people of the society. When Oedipus found the whole truth he punished himself because he was a Hero. Heroes at that time period, were those who lived for others, not for themselves. Oedipus is a Hero because no other innocent died because of him, and because he was a Hero he could not die.
Hamlet, who is stuck between the old and new world, now need to avenge his father’s death. The ghost of Hamlet’s father plays a very important and unique role in the play. Because if there was no ghost, Hamlet would have never known that his...

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