Differences And Inequalities That Can Be Seen On The Streets Of The Uk

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By comparing two UK streets in differing localities, one can assess differences and inequalities in the social, economic and cultural spheres. This essay will focus on the differences and inequalities that exist between Renshaw St, Liverpool, and City Rd, Wales, by examining road traffic, homelessness and street-level economic activity

Renshaw street is perpendicular to the side of Liverpool City Centre, and Liverpool Lime street is one street away as is the Adelphi Hotel. The road has a collection of pubs, bars, taxi ranks, clothes shops, music shops, restaurants and also take away. Whereas City Road contains some take aways, a restaurant, a municipal pub, and some night clubs.

The older generation within Liverpool relax in quiet pubs in particular there is one Irish pub where most of the clientele are Irish. However the student population during the day go to cafes/libraries on this street, as well as the university library which is in the area, during the day, and at night go the nightclubs aimed at the younger population. However within City Road, the older population go to a municipal club.

There is a significant immigrant population within City Road – the population is large enough that the largest Sari shop in North Wales is based there. The shop is a family ran business, where the women in the family run the business, which is a break from traditional Asian family values. There does not seem to be a large immigrant population within Renshaw Street, the largest immigrant minority are the Irish; one of the Irish own a pub where the Irish community gather.

On Renshaw Street there is a vast amount of take aways, pubs, bars, taxi ranks etc. In the past these used to be old shops, however due to consumer demand, the owner of the shops sold their property to developers, who then turned the shops into the aforementioned in order to fulfil consumer demand which was created as Liverpool John Moores University expanded, as did Liverpool Hope university. One can also find guitar, and music shops on the street, as students generally enjoy playing the guitar when they aren’t studying. These serve the local student community, as well as other members of the public and the clubs, bars, take aways, are usually exceptionally busy on most days of the week. This is generally because “consumption has never been a necessity”, and of course take aways are a direct example of this, as one could by goods from a...

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