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Differences And Similarities Between Genesis And Kojiki Religion Comparative Essay

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The Different Ways of Birth in Kojiki and Genesis
The Kojiki is a mythological text of the original Japanese religion. Even if most of the
Japanese don’t believe in this religion nowadays, this scripture has an important role in the
Japanese culture. We can find this myth in Japanese video games for example. Genesis is the
first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. It also has an important role
in both christian and jewish culture. These books both talk about the creation of religions, but
are different in some ways. One of these ways is the birth of the characters: the characters
were born in different ways in Kojiki and in Genesis.
At the beginning of the mythological text of Kojiki, three deities were originally born in a
strange way. “These three deities were all deities born alone, and they hid their persons”(Borgen
& Ury 65). This is a first way of how deities are given birth, and most of their descendants in
Kojiki are “born alone”(Borgen & Ury 65) too. In Genesis, we don’t know how God was born,
but he gave birth to human in a way that we also don’t exactly know: “And God created the
human in his image”(Alter 5). We only know that he “created”(Alter 5) them, we don’t have
further explanations of how the first humans have been “created”(Alter 5). In Kojiki, there are
some other examples of strange births : the birth of many Japanese Islands, from Izanagi and
Izanami. It seems that they are given birth by sexual reproduction “they coupled”(Borgen & Ury
66), but they are not human. “ gave birth to a child, the Island of Awaji”(Borgen & Ury 66).
There is an other strange way of giving birth in Kojiki, when Izanagi purifies his body: “the deity
Amaterasu is born from washing his right eye; Tsukuyomi is born from washing his left eye; and
Susanowo, a turbulent deity of wind and storms, is born, appropriately, from washing his
nose”(Borgen & Ury 67). He gave birth to three other deities by purifying his body. Most of the
time, without disrespect for this scripture, the...

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