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Differences And Similarities Between Lord Of The Flies And Invisible Man

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Lord of the Flies and Invisible Man have very little in comparison. The only thing these two books had in common was they both involved violence. Lord of the Flies was about British boys getting stranded on a deserted island with no adults after a plane crash. Invisible Man was about a black junior attending a southern college when he is kicked out and is told to get a job in New York. Both books also take place in a new environment to the characters and character within the story.
The author’s intent for the books varied. For Lord of the Flies, the author wanted to express what may happen when kids are left alone without adults for a long time. The boys get along fine at first but then begin to disagree with the rules they first established. Without adults to keep the boys in line, each of them tries to take matters into their own hands. For Invisible Man, the purpose was to explain how superior white men still treated blacks shortly ...view middle of the document...

The narrator tries so hard to fit in but the whites that first accepted him are now shutting him down.
Both books had very different point of views. Lord of the Flies was written with an omniscient view and told the story as if a person was watching the boys as they tried to survive. Invisible Man was written in first person point of view. Although the book was written in first person point of view, the narrator’s name was never given. These books both had a fair impact with their literary work. Lord of the Flies allows you to imagine what happens when human nature is pushed to the limits. Invisible Man gives insight on how even in the North; blacks were still treated unequally after the Civil War.
Violence was the only common ground found between these two books. Lord of the Flies had boys chasing and killing pigs to stay alive, which is understandable. Though the boys also killed one kid mistaking him for a monster and another one was killed during an argument. Finally the first leader was almost killed on purpose by the second leader and his group because they didn’t like him very well but a passing by ship cam and saved them. In Invisible Man, the narrator is forced to take place in a blindfolded boxing match against several opponents who were also blindfolded. He is later at his first day of work keeping an eye on the boiler gauges when his boss leaves without telling him what to do on a certain set of gauges and one of the boilers explode leaving the narrator injured. The speeches the narrator gives cause a chain reaction resulting in a riot with black men trying to destroy white supremacy. Fires are being set off everywhere; cops are shooting anyone that gets in their way, and the narrator is chased by cops down a manhole where he spends the rest of his life.
The two books were completely different in content but they both shared comparison in violence. The boys’ trying to kill the first leader was quite similar to the cops chasing the narrator. The details within the stories did not match up at all. I would however recommend either of these books to anyone. They are a good read and Lord of the Flies really makes you question the limitations of a person.

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