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Differences And Similarities Between Social Capital, Community Development And Community Capacity Building

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INTRODUCTIONThis paper will critically analyse the similarities and differences between three concepts; Community Development, Community Capacity Building and Social Capital, these concepts are considered to be important components of community work. This paper will also outline why it is crucial for community workers to know and understand these three concepts when working within communities. It will also include some in depth examples of how these concepts work and to see if there really is, any similarities or differences. Many community workers see community Development as a process. Community Development is where people with a similar interest unite to bring about change. (Cavaye, n.d). Community Capacity Building is a concept and strategy, which is used to support individuals in communities and for community organisations to identify and meet the needs of their community. (Hounslow, 2002). Social Capital put simply, means a set of norms that assists in promoting trust and co-operation among communities. (Durston, 1999). As you can see all three concepts are very community focused, throughout this paper you will start to see numerous similarities, but the question is "Are they really the same or are they different?"The concept Community Development is a process that aims to increase choices and is seen to create an environment where people in the community can reach their full potential and lead full and productive lives. Community development improves the community's abilities to make better decisions about resources, such as infrastructure and can also create jobs. It is also a term that is associated with community capacity building. (Cavaye, n.d). Smith, (2013). Stated "There are three crucial aspects of community development. Informal education; where learning is done via direct involvement in community activities. Collective action; which is finding the power of the community's voices, strengths and determinations all of which are acting for their mutual benefit. The third aspect is Organisation development; assisting groups and members to achieve their goals and to be accountable to the wider community". It aids itself on better outcomes and building on community assets. Community development is not a program its core principle is to give knowledge and assistance across the whole community. (LeMay,n.d,p.6).The main functions of community capacity building are to build on existing skills, provide opportunities and to increase the community's awareness and their capacity to participate more in society. Community Capacity Building emphasizes on participation and is more of a collaborative approach, not an intervention. (Hounslow, 2002). Community Capacity Building sometimes is described from three levels the first being an individual level which is the development of conditions that allow individuals to build on their overall knowledge and skills. It allows the individual to open up for change. The second level is institutional level it...

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