Differences And Similarities Of Eastern Dragons And Western Dragons Now With The Original Text

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Differences between Eastern dragons and Western dragonsThere are many differences between Western and Eastern Dragons. Western Dragons are perceived as mean, cruel, and vicious nasty creatures. They are mean in many ways to humans and are hated by many people who believe in them. In comparison, Eastern Dragons are wise, friendly, and beautiful creatures. By people who believe they exist, they are loved and worshipped.Western Dragons are mean and cruel. Their terrifying creatures spread disease, kill crops, and enjoy attacking and eating people. These dragons' spit and sweat kills people and crops. Their fangs and bodies are filled with venom. When a person looks at the horrifying vision of a specific kind of a Western Dragon, the basilisk, he or she drops dead. Western Dragons enjoy wrecking people's properties and they mostly enjoy eating young and beautiful maidens. Western Dragons fire breath kills many people and destroys many houses. Most Western Dragons are fifteen to twenty feet long; few varieties are less than four feet when fully grown. The basilisk, for example, is a very small dragon. Their sizes vary form six inches to two feet. Some Western Dragons have wings and no feet, some have both feet and wings, and some neither have feet nor wings. Those without feet and wings have crests on their heads and yellow beards on their chins. Western Dragons' wings are bat-like and they have huge jaws with razor-sharp teeth. Their bodies have rough scales and its feet have sharp, curved claws. They also have poisonous fangs, forked tongue, and stinking breath. Western Dragons are yellow,...

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